Tuesday, September 15, 2009

time to deploy. seriously.

reasons i have nearly sabotaged my own life as of late:
1) forgot to pay my storage unit bill. still haven't been to my storage unit to see whether or not they realize i forgot to pay it. ok honestly, i kind of forgot i had it. and now that i'm thinking about how i'd better get there, i'm realizing that my keys were actually in the purse that was lost at stagecoach, so i'm going to have to buy a pair of boltcutters. lovely.
2) gave the wrong debit card at shore club (my homeport...aka the bar i'm at 3/7 nights a week), thus making them think i was trying to stiff the bill. oops. even had to borrow cab money home because i was too blind/fuzzy eyed to see my correct card in my wallet.
3) um. this one's kind of embarassing. sent a few completely incoherent texts to guys i liked. not even drunk texts...more like T9 word incomprehensible texts. really unfortunate as i'm usually fairly literate.
4) kind of sort of left all my packing to the last minute. like tomorrow and the next day. and i'm on duty today (can't get off the ship) and tomorrow's an actual work day.
5) neglected to update my registration on my car. x2 tickets. still haven't done it.
6) kind of sort of didn't really understand my car...i.e. ignored the light on the dashboard that one of the guys at work explained meant 'low air pressure' and assumed because there was no 'change oil on xx-xx-xxxx' sticker, i never had to change the oil. while i'm really confessing my sins, i haven't had windshield wiper blades for like 4 months. this is a 2007 fully loaded white jetta (my dream car) that probably won't run when i get back. oops.

i'm sure my list could go on, but i don't want to depress myself. what better semi-anonymous confession forum then a blog, right? annnyways, despite how scared i am of it (i don't even know why! it's an inanimate event! it's not like deployment itself could scare me), i think now's kind of a good time to take a break from my crazy life!

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