Wednesday, February 13, 2013

.san diEGo!. and newest spring obsessions!

i found out on monday that my next tour will be in san diego, so...2-3 more years of boys, booze and bikinis. 
 i greet this with mixed emotions, oddly; my first choice(s, okay, my first 6 choices) were for washington, d.c. area jobs.  i was excited to get back to my 'hometown' (or at least where my parents live) and maybe take that next step - settle down, get a 'real job' (not the military), have some kids and kind of fall into the mold i felt that i'd worked hard for my life to fit.  
all of that changed when i saw my CO's email on monday citing my new job here in sunny san diego.  i know what this job is - it's really easy hours, a fat paycheck and a short commute.  dream job, right?  the problem is that it doesn't help me grow at all as an employee or as a leader, so it's basically three wasted years that i could use to better myself, not just party around san diego (and believe me, there is something awesome to do *every* weekend).  i already have my master's degree timeline covered: once i've completed 3 years
the art of elise francesca / francesca joy  'cherry blossom blues' washington, d.c. tote
beyond my obligated service (two years from now), i get 100% of my GI bill and will be able to take a year off after the military and get paid to get my degree.  SO, i don't need to worry about working on it for the next few years, which is great because it's hard to watch my friends struggle through early morning gym, long day of work and then long evening of classes....with maybe a date or two thrown in.  yuck!
so while i won't be able to get this:

I will, thrillingly, be able to spend my next few springs wearing things like this:
lulu's rooftop garden dress in mint and lavender

Lest this become more like a diary than a shopping blog (because it really is a shopping blog, let's be honest), i'd like to point out the gorgeous hand-painted handiwork in that first photo.  i've been following (stalking) francesca joy / the art of elise francesca since their inception, not long ago.  if you love lilly (and who doesn't?) and you love your sorority (and who doesn't?) you will be SO excited to see their stunning sorority line, due out this spring.  to shop their current product, check out their etsy shop, and to covet their newest creations, feel free to drool over this adorable kappa print:
so, stalking all of this francesca joy business of course led me to the adorable frat collection site.  while they do seem to be a little smug with themselves and their generosity/general success in life (shocker, they're southern frat boys), the little pockets are too precious and i think once my tax return shows up i may buy a sweatshirt or three (perfect for tossing on when the sun goes down with a pair of shorty lace shorts!)...

p.s. self, don't forget to write your next post about your newest obsession: cwonder