Thursday, October 28, 2010

denise richards-srsly!?, lilly resort 2011!!! and Cabo

First things first...we all made it back from Cabo alive and well!
We didn't get particularly tan as we spent every port visit drinking, but c'est la vie.  Especially because if you look at the Denise Richards photos below you'll see that the power of botox far outweighs the power of a good tan.
Becky and I - the original two!

 the staff of Billygan's and the four winners of a free round of drinks, and then, courtesy of Rachel and her booty-shaking bikini contest abilities, a free round of shots!

Christina, myself and Rachel!

Okay, back to my botox/Denise Richards reference:

[images courtesy of]
how the hell is this humanly possible?! she looks freaking amazing!  Yes she looks botoxed, but SUCH a good next appointment in 3...2...1....

Finallllly, Lilly Pulitzer Resort 2011 first shipment is at Lilly Pulitzer Fashion Valley!  Some of it is SO cute and while all of the cuts aren't particularly my thing, the prints are DEFINITELY gorgeous so I'm going to end up with a few pieces...probably for sure the new Adelson in this gorgeous coral-y pink, a Cassie Slub (or 3!) and another one of those "Large Tote" bags that I use ALL the time.  My current one is the Sea and Be Seen Large Tote, which is on sale right now at Zappos!  I really like mine!

The one I currently have is on the left; the new resort one I will soon own is trimmed with gold sparkly handles and is super cute as well!
And now, via C. Orrico who have kindly already put up their Resort 2010 first shipment photos, here are just a few of the pretty pieces I'm looking forward to:

 [all images courtesy of]

 From Left to Right - Cassie Slub, Adelson, Connie, Jillie, Adalie
Cassie Slub - I am minorly obsessed with.  Imagine the belt/shoe possibilities - skinny belt, wide belt, heels, wedged boots, over the knee boots...
Adelson - They're making it in a coral-y pink that's just stunning.  As my co-worker said (she was not as pleased about this as I was), it's "a little bit neon".  yAy!
Connie - We'll see when we can try it on...but I like that print.
Jillie - Hopefully it doesn't actually look like a maternity dress and it's just because the model is so thin!  The dress looks beautiful and like it has *so* much potential.
Adalie - my always favorite...the best wrap dress ever that I blogged about only a few months ago.  I don't really like that print (at. all.) but I'm sure they'll be doing it in others.

Check out their site for more images as they're added!
Finally, a few more pics from the Sophie Pyle Style Blog and the amazing new Lilly Pulitzer Furniture Line:

Can't wait!  Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lilly FURNITURE!! ...and stupid halloween candy

one fun-sized snickers has 72 calories.  seventy. two. 
that doesn't sound so fun anymore, does it?

looking forward to fall and winter now - going on a cruise on friday, las vegas for thanksgiving, and skiing with the family (and trip!) for christmas.  i *WISH* i could show you girls all the new Lilly things for resort - they. are. amazing.  first shipment is on the 25th!

instead i leave you with these images of the new Lilly Pulitzer FURNITURE line from the Sophie Pyle Style Blog...SO excited!

Sooo...OBSSESSED with that kitchen table and the bed!  The green and white striped couch is UBER cute as well...and the inside of that media display?  I die...
It's all a little like the amazing Coastal Living furniture, and probably at the same price point :-/

I will probably be starting a Lilly Pulitzer Fashion Valley blog for the store soon, with updates and news flashes and getting to know you's and opportunities for people to participate by sending in photos of you loving your Lilly!  So psyched!