Tuesday, June 22, 2010

weight watchers and margaritaville

so after reading this inspiring post over on Puttin' On The Grits, i decided to go back to my good old friend...Weight Watchers.  i've never been very good at doing WW, but since you guys know that i'm moving into my own place now i really need to branch out with ways that i keep myself entertained, and one of these may just be COOKING.  i know, i know...my success with burning down microwaves (melted two in one year...le sigh) does not bode well for the future of my apartment complex.  regardless.  i think a great thing about both joining weight watchers and living alone will be that i will have a lot more reason to cook and fewer reasons to depend on processed/frozen foods like i usually do.  based on the height and weight that i entered in (which are from my last weigh in, and i said my height was 5'7 even though i keep measuring in at 5'8 during weigh ins at work) i get 22 points a day and 35 extra (flex points) a week.  today, i ate:
breakfast: my delicious english muffin and one slice of kraft 2% reduced fat cheese = 2.25 points (calculated as one englsih muffin is 1 point and two slices of cheese are 2.5 points. during the day i consumed two slices of cheese on two separate english muffins, hence the quarter point possibility)
snack: another one. ha. they're irresistable. = 2.25 points
lunch: smart ones english muffin sandwich = 4 points
morningstar farms asian veggie pattie = 2 points
snack: clif mojo trail mix bar = 4 points (this was unfortunately a fairly poor choice because the high fat content means that a 180 calorie bar has as many points as something else a lot larger/more filling)
dinner: rubio's roasted veggie salad (i had them put the dressing on the side and only dipped my fork into it as opposed to actually dressing it...i also subbed shrimp for chicken but assume the calorie/points value is fairly similar) = 6 points
100 calorie pack of popcorn = 1 point 
dessert: mcdonald's ice cream cone! = 3 points
 so! this puts me at 22 points plus 2.5 flex points for the day, and i'm *so* full!
and also, quite honestly, another inspiration for this cooking obsession (i was obviously at work all day so i couldn't cook at all unfortunately) has partially been my best friend and old roommate (well, 'old' come july 1), beckyher blog is full of exciting recipe experiments and she's a recent vegan, so they're all very healthy. 
guess what i got!!!!!!!!!!!! 
the key west margaritaville margarita maker!!  it can make 1, 2, or 3 servings, and because the ice is shaved, not chopped (like a blender), it makes beYOND restaurant quality beverages!! I WAS SO EXCITED I BOUGHT TWO!! i got the bahamas margaritaville margarita maker for my parents as a christmas present, but i was so freaking excited i couldn't resist calling my mom and telling her and insisting that she and dadsy accept an early gift.  after all, who wants a margarita maker in December?!

best news ever - my brazilian blowout appointment is for 4pm tomorrow, so i should be able to post pictures and a review by thursday or friday!  i think i'll wait till friday because i close at lilly on thursday and i really want to find out which sororities are doing the totes and scarves so i can tell y'all!

i have a super fun rest of the week planned - hair appointment at four tomorrow, trainer appointment at 630 (i wonder if bob will be mad when i clearly don't have any interest in sweating?), lilly on thursday, boyf's work party on friday afternoon, saturday we'll probably go to the san diego fair (free tickets!) with his friends, sunday pool day at the new complex with the girls...love san diego summer!  can't wait to take pics of my new place btw - y'all will LOVE!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

kate spade, letterpress, and lilly

first things first, i'm still fat.  seriously tyra banks style, "dear diary, i'm fat. sparkles!".
that being said, i am starting to realize that while i have these great diet plans i'm REALLY not following them, especially when i drink.  [cue taco bell fourth meal on sunday night.  really? i'm surprised i'm not losing weight? really?] other problem, of course, is that i don't actually hate the way (i just typed weigh...this is definitely on my mind) i look, i just hate the numbers on the scale - i know, i could stop weighing myself, but that's how i get into these gradual weight gain messes.  ANYWAYS, it's June 15th and i live in San Diego.  i'm going to have to stop avoiding bikini season sometime, so i think ten pounds by Independence Day is reasonable, non?

okay, all that is out of the way (have i ever posted NOT regarding weight? i don't think so)...
i'm so excited because i've decided to get my own little one bedroom apartment!  this means not only will i be spending buckets of money on clothing (because obviously i'll lose those ten pounds now that i've given myself a timeline, right? ha.) i'll be spending money on HOME GOODS!! i can't wait to share! 
speaking of which, i've been looking at some art for my little apartment and i'm really fixated on letterpress things off Etsy...check these out:
(1) la vie en rose by sycamorestreetpress
(2) champagne by dearcolleen
(3) sunshine by inkpetals
the problem is, of course, that they're all so distinctly different and with such unique styles, and my color palette is definitely seaglass blues and greens, not pinks and yellows.  if anything my kitchen palette has the brightest colors but i just don't think the sunshine and the champagne print belong on the same wall, and with so few walls i'd hate to pick one over the other!  obviously this will take serious contemplation and the purchase of multiple other images i like "almost" as much until i finally suck it up, buy both of them and figure out how to make them work.  

don't worry girls, i'll get that lilly answer on the sororities (i know delta delta delta is another one, i remember that one because it's my best friend emma's sorority) as soon as we get back from this ammunition offload we're doing (should be this weekend) - can't wait to tell y'all and sneak you some early pics if i get any!
outfits i haven't been able to resist (since you know i haven't been buying dresses..fortunately skirts and tops don't count).  i wore the avery skirt smaller, tighter and shorter over a white tank top and chunky wood Michael Kors heels and i wore the roe top over white ankle length capris with spaghetti strap mckims:

and yes, i bought both of them in white do the wave...definitely one of my favorite prints for the summer.
and lastly, i started cleaning out the cupboards in preparation for my big move and remembered i had these cans of soup and snack bars:
review?  campbell's select harvest full cans are only 100 calories!  i don't know about you but an entire can of soup for 100 calories is such a pleasant surprise.  the soups are totally delicious and filling (i've done the southwestern style vegetable and the italian vegetable).  
fullbars, on the other hand...
seriously, they taste like cardboard.  and i LIKE things that taste like styrofoam (Pirate's Booty, anyone?) but these things genuinely taste like chewy cardboard.  the problem?  they work.  i had one at 1130 because i was starting to get hungry and had a bottle of water (they recommend 8 oz., i went with 24...God bless you, camelbak water bottle) at the same time, and i seriously did not THINK about food until twenty minutes ago (about 230), when i decided to eat my soup.  
so unfortunately, given their TERRIBLE grade for mouth feel, i think these may become a new staple. 

don't forget to check out the kate spade sample sale, btw!  not as good as last time jewelry wise, in my opinion, but there are quite a few bags.

i am booking my brazilian blowout for next week - can't wait to show you before and after pictures!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lilly goes Greek and Boatman Geller Tent Sale!

heyyyy guys,
so still iPad-less, which is annoying.  but more excitingly, here is a cutie photo of trip and i - yesterday was our one month anniversary and he magically happened to get me my favorite flowers (which he didn't even know)! see?! i told you he was a keeper ;)
SO anways, now that we have that out of the way...
there is a freaking BOATMAN GELLER tent sale on stationary right now!  remember my love for BG from this post?
yes, amazing...race on over there (there's a link on my sidebar) and partake in the madness!
 and so excited...i just planned my stella and dot launch party for July 1!  
if you live in the san diego area, comment me for an invite!
so P.S., still seriously thinking about the Brazilian Blowout, and with all y'all's supportive and helpful comments i think it's gonna be a go - just gonna have to wait for my first Lilly paycheck! speaking of which, you guys would die if you saw all the stuff i've bought to avoid my "can't buy a dress till i'm back to normal weight" rule!  although good news...five pounds down, five pounds to go!

Finally, i'm not sure if this is supposed to be a surprise or not, but guess what Lilly Pulitzer is doing for Fall?  
YES. there will be a Kappa Kappa Gamma tote and scarf adorning every single one of my sisters if i have anything to do with it!  They're doing five other sororities as well - if you're interested i can write down which ones and post them! SO. EXCITED!