Tuesday, June 15, 2010

kate spade, letterpress, and lilly

first things first, i'm still fat.  seriously tyra banks style, "dear diary, i'm fat. sparkles!".
that being said, i am starting to realize that while i have these great diet plans i'm REALLY not following them, especially when i drink.  [cue taco bell fourth meal on sunday night.  really? i'm surprised i'm not losing weight? really?] other problem, of course, is that i don't actually hate the way (i just typed weigh...this is definitely on my mind) i look, i just hate the numbers on the scale - i know, i could stop weighing myself, but that's how i get into these gradual weight gain messes.  ANYWAYS, it's June 15th and i live in San Diego.  i'm going to have to stop avoiding bikini season sometime, so i think ten pounds by Independence Day is reasonable, non?

okay, all that is out of the way (have i ever posted NOT regarding weight? i don't think so)...
i'm so excited because i've decided to get my own little one bedroom apartment!  this means not only will i be spending buckets of money on clothing (because obviously i'll lose those ten pounds now that i've given myself a timeline, right? ha.) i'll be spending money on HOME GOODS!! i can't wait to share! 
speaking of which, i've been looking at some art for my little apartment and i'm really fixated on letterpress things off Etsy...check these out:
(1) la vie en rose by sycamorestreetpress
(2) champagne by dearcolleen
(3) sunshine by inkpetals
the problem is, of course, that they're all so distinctly different and with such unique styles, and my color palette is definitely seaglass blues and greens, not pinks and yellows.  if anything my kitchen palette has the brightest colors but i just don't think the sunshine and the champagne print belong on the same wall, and with so few walls i'd hate to pick one over the other!  obviously this will take serious contemplation and the purchase of multiple other images i like "almost" as much until i finally suck it up, buy both of them and figure out how to make them work.  

don't worry girls, i'll get that lilly answer on the sororities (i know delta delta delta is another one, i remember that one because it's my best friend emma's sorority) as soon as we get back from this ammunition offload we're doing (should be this weekend) - can't wait to tell y'all and sneak you some early pics if i get any!
outfits i haven't been able to resist (since you know i haven't been buying dresses..fortunately skirts and tops don't count).  i wore the avery skirt smaller, tighter and shorter over a white tank top and chunky wood Michael Kors heels and i wore the roe top over white ankle length capris with spaghetti strap mckims:

and yes, i bought both of them in white do the wave...definitely one of my favorite prints for the summer.
and lastly, i started cleaning out the cupboards in preparation for my big move and remembered i had these cans of soup and snack bars:
review?  campbell's select harvest full cans are only 100 calories!  i don't know about you but an entire can of soup for 100 calories is such a pleasant surprise.  the soups are totally delicious and filling (i've done the southwestern style vegetable and the italian vegetable).  
fullbars, on the other hand...
seriously, they taste like cardboard.  and i LIKE things that taste like styrofoam (Pirate's Booty, anyone?) but these things genuinely taste like chewy cardboard.  the problem?  they work.  i had one at 1130 because i was starting to get hungry and had a bottle of water (they recommend 8 oz., i went with 24...God bless you, camelbak water bottle) at the same time, and i seriously did not THINK about food until twenty minutes ago (about 230), when i decided to eat my soup.  
so unfortunately, given their TERRIBLE grade for mouth feel, i think these may become a new staple. 

don't forget to check out the kate spade sample sale, btw!  not as good as last time jewelry wise, in my opinion, but there are quite a few bags.

i am booking my brazilian blowout for next week - can't wait to show you before and after pictures!


Becky said...

OMG, if you don't want your Fullbars, I'll take them! I like em, but like I said on my own blog review, they're obviously a thing that require an acquired taste. I can't wait to see how you decorate your new apartment all preppy and beachy style. so fun!

PS: I changed the URL to my blog, it is now:

all visitors welcome! :)

Annie said...

Love that lilly print! SO cute. I need that shirt. PS - didn't get to comment on your previous post - you and your boy are ADORABLE! Cute couple! :)

Kinsey Michaels said...

You're so lucky to live in beautiful San Diego! I was able to lose 10 pounds over a period of a few months from not exercising at all. Here is what worked for me, if it helps! Try not to consume many liquid calories. I started drinking water on a regular basis. I cut out fried foods and switched to grilled options. I ate one healthy choice/lean cuisine type meal per day, I cut out unhealthy junk food like chips and cookies, and switched to 100 calorie pack, guilt free alternatives! Of course, working out too would greatly speed up the process for you too!

Marian said...

I can't wait to see the after of the blowout!! I'm sure it will be fabulous.

And how exciting is it to decorate your own little place!! I want to move (or buy a place) just so I can decorate:)...though I'm not a fan of the whole moving process

Fashion Meets Food said...

I couldn't stand Fullbars I wish i wouldn't have bought so many. Love the Lilly print!


Lane :) said...

i love the pink flower one. so pretty. <3

Preppy Little Dress said...

I have never heard of Fullbars...will have to remember to look for the next time I am out! Thanks!

Mrs. Bear said...

The fullbars... you say they make you full - but is it like a gassy full? I have serious burping issues and I am afraid to eat one of these babies... the general public should be happy they weren't around the first time I had a fiber one bar =0)

Ali said...

I completely agree with hating the number on the scale more so than the way I look! Also love the champagne print too funny! hope all is well in SD!!!!