Monday, October 8, 2012

ugh, brocade blows...fall style should be fun!

sooo, i know that brocade is supposed to be *it* this fall...thick, heavy, ornamental fabrics that add inches to every aspect of your body sound like they're cute and flattering on everyone, right? vom. 
OMP is about feeling better about myself, loving the skin i'm in and really taking advantage of my youth and freedom.  brocade screams "i'm a grandma, or at least Olivia Palermo/MK&A Olsen, or at least a really skinny awkwardly wealthy person trapped in what could be a young adorable body but instead trying to hide it under layers of fabric."
there's one brocade thing [one!] i've seen so far that i actually like:
erin by erin fetherston brocade parka, $725, neiman marcus (obvs discovered in my Lucky mag since i don't browse neiman on my military paycheck): 
i actually think this is gorgeous but it is a) impractical (i obviously just spent a weekend with my mother so this again becomes a concern unfortunately) and b) not necessarily flattering, unless you have extraordinarily thin legs as our model does.  i don't. even with OMP in full swing (and it's not, it's more like playing putt putt), i wouldn't want my legs to be that thin. REGARDLESS, this is the only brocade i accept.  i prefer to just extend the summer of lace shorts :)
FORTUNATELY there is one fall trend i have been trying to embrace, but with the aforementioned shapely legs i had no luck.  i REALLY wanted colored denim/pants during the summer in a pastel or bright, but couldn't find something flattering (since obviously they must be worn skinny, which doesn't really work for people with delightfully sexy hips like myself (note the positive OMP self-talk oozing from that statement)).  THEN, while shopping this weekend with my mother, i discovered these sexy and well-priced b!tches:
ann taylor loft tall modern super skinny corduroys, $69.50

how much do you LOVE this color? i was trying it on with an orange silk blouse-y tank and they looked awesome, i pulled on an italian yarn blend sweater from banana that i may or may not have purchased in every color besides raspberry (alright, i did buy it in every color-why? because i am a freaking sale GENIUS those suckers were only $21.99 marked down from $80 and i need more sweaters now that i have a busti-er bust!) and the pants looked gorgeous and glamorous.  i'm obsessed.  only legit problem is they didn't have tall in store, but i love instant gratification so i am going to have to just always wear them with pumps and order a new pair in talls if i want to wear them with flats.  which is totally doable given that they also come in a fab rich purple color.
other than that, i lost six pounds during the week we were out to sea and only managed to gain two of them back during my weekend with my mom and grandfather! fab OMP i believe!! now i am off to the gym post-yoga, because my hot yoga practice has not reached the point where i can flow enough that i really feel like i'm burning calories-i'm always super tired and sore the next few days but hell, the same thing happens after a little sexytime, and lord knows that doesn't cancel out the ben and jerry's i keep finding myself devouring. 
peace out betches - on the elliptical today i will be reading this article from the atlantic november 2011, discovered at my grandfather's and pushed on me by my mother (i feel like this is very pro-OMP):