Monday, March 30, 2009

just another (weekend) in paradise

soo the weather was fabulous this weekend on friday/saturday, and icks on sunday. i'll take 2 out of 3...although given that i don't have internet at home or cable, i stayed at work until superlate on friday just to get my weekend lazing around out of my system. good idea because i forced myself to work out before i left, thus upping my confidence so i could go out on friday night and meet a v cute boy! he has been texting me all weekend even after i accidentally ditched him at a bar (we went to a different one, he stayed with his friends then came to meet us but the line was super long so as we were leaving i was just like ok, bye! but he's still texting so that's a fairly good sign) and he keeps talking about hanging out, but doing that annoying "so we should hang out sometime this week..." and i'm like "ok..." - i just hate it when guys are vague and try and force you into suggesting something! i am not asking you out, boy from friday!
and that being said, my NY lover of previous post texted me and wrote on my fb wall about coming to visit, and i, of course, sent back a fb message about what dates were good (i have a very constricting work schedule) and haven't heard back from him since - this is like a week ago! wtf! why would you bring it up twice if you intended never to talk to me again!? sooo annoying, mostly on principle because it's insulting, but also more like why?! it's not like the random "i'll get your number at a bar and then never call you", i understand's flattering on both ends (you're cute and at least vaguely interested, i'm cute and at least willing to give you my number, we both leave happy)...but this is just irritating! i'd rather he hadn't written at all! although maybe he discovered my blog and was creeped out, haha :p
and, i've gotten to that stage where i'm scared to weigh myself, once again. when i first bought a scale (we were never allowed to have one growing up), i was 166.5, a weight that is way too much for my height (5'7, almost 5'8) and frame. i started to watch what i ate and work out, and i got down to about 142. i broke up with an exboyfriend and went through that euphoric freedom stage where food was unnecessary and went down to 138, vowing never to pass 140 again. i broke up with another exboyfriend and got down to a steady 134, a weight i was ecstatic at (i actually got food poisoning one weekend and broke the magical 130, but i was really dehydrated, haha). since then, i've gradually crept back up to what i'm sure right now is a solid 145...10 pounds more then what i want to be. the problem is that once i decide to go on a diet, i start obSSESSING over food!! hopefully talking about it on my little blog will keep me a little more accountable tho...and not let me walk over and snack on the brownies i made for the guys at work. oh self control, where did you go!?!?!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

.i heard that cali never rains and new york's wide awake.

Yay! Just got back from NYC on Monday, and wow, what a whirlwind weekend. First things first, arrived there on Friday and did the SEX AND THE CITY TOUR! So so fun - you go to the 'Pleasure Chest', Magnolia Cupcakes (everything you'd imagine and more!) , a beautiful restaurant and a cosmo bar. We went to FAO Schwartz while we were waiting for the bus to depart and caught this cute pic with the door gentlemen. There were actually four of us, but our fourth, A, was running late because she had been at her cousin's the previous night. L (blonde), and N (raven-haired) were really really stressed about A making it, but I didn't really understand why they were scared; it wasn't our fault she wasn't on time, right? Little did I know A was known for her temper, and if she missed that bus not only would she have absolutely flipped out on the driver/tour company, but we would have been the 'worst friends ever' and gotten yelled at the entire trip. Needless to say, I have only known A for all of 3 days total, because attitudes like that do not fly with me. There was a screaming fight between two of them (who knew people still did that past the age of 9?!) later on in the weekend, and it helped to reiterate how much I love my laid back San Diego friends.

The boys that N and I were visiting were some of the sweetest guys ever. They did a really good job planning fun stuff for us to do, like taking us to a SECRET RESTAURANT! No lie, you walk up to this like taco stand, and then you walk to this back door that looks like a bathroom except there's a random bouncer, and then you say the name of your reservation and they usher you down the stairs, looking around all clandestinely like there are secret hangers-on that might be trying to get into their underground establishment...too bad it was actually THAT cool and there's no way we, as tourists, ever would've been able to get in there without the boys arranging it! The only snag was that it was expensive, like to the tune of $50/person.

For girls who budget by eating Ramen (that's all A, I am a fan of lean pockets), $50/person is above and beyond what we were planning (that money was going to go towards Canal St., yo!). It kind of made the evening wayy awkward afterward, because N and my's guys didn't pay for us (which was fine with N & I, it's not like they were our boyfriends, although we did think it was weird given that we had just paid to fly out there). Later on I talked to my NY lover:

and asked about it (I was drunk, ok?) and he, understandably, talked about how it would have been really awkward for them to pay for us girls but not for the girls who weren't there with guys, and hello, drinks were really expensive. He was completely right - drinks started at $13! STARTED! I cannot even imagine living there, especially when I thought San Diego was expensive! The other slight problem with the whole trip was that A, the one who is known for her temper, issued a decree about Saturday night basically saying that we weren't going to hang out with the guys again, so it made it really really hard because N was there both to hang out with the guys and to hang out with her girlfriends. I was there solely to hang out with the guys and with N - her girlfriends, A and L, are both fun girls but they're her friends from high school, not my actual friends. Given A's temper, N didn't really have the option of hanging out with the guys on Saturday night, and I really wasn't into rocking the boat, especially since we were staying at a baller hotel room (penthouse suite, Westin Times Square, FREE thanks to L's mom) that I wasn't paying for.

I felt really bad because we ended up not hanging out with the boys on Saturday night and then hanging out with them again on Sunday, when they took us to another secret club (this one was called PDT, Please Don't Tell, and so cool - in the corner of a hot dog restaurant and you have to go into a phone booth to say a magic word), and while the physical chemistry between my NY Lover and I was still really good, he had to work early the next morning and he just wasn't as like "on" as usual, making me wonder if a trip to visit San Diego is still in his future. I really hope it is, because any guy who goes out of his way to plan such a good weekend (even if I was such a crap guest) has a lot of potential. Do you think I blew it? Should I facebook/text him and bring it up? The morning we left, he was at work and I texted him and let him know we made it to our plane, and when we got off I had a text from him saying "So tired, going to fall asleep before 9. had a really good weekend next time in Cali" or something along those lines, which means that he brought it up without me having to, but now I am living in limbo! I don't want to over-push him coming out, but I don't want him to think that I don't still want him to!! This is what happens when you meet someone in Vegas!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.returned lots...bought even more. typical..

typical trip to ross - returned $60 worth of stuff only to leave having spent $65. i had to go because i have been scoping on a lot of people's blogs that they've found some great lilly finds - mckims, shifts, bikinis...i think y'all's rosses are a little more upscale then ours!! i did find some great bargains, though -

O's Guide to Life ($4.99) - I love Oprah!! She is right up there with Martha for me, if only because she's honest about her weight gains and losses and seems a littttle more relatable. These are all articles from her magazines, and the book retailed at $29.99+!

Eagle Brand Cookbook ($8.99) - the absolute best cookbook I can remember from my mother's HUGE supply of them...anything made with sweetened condensed milk is practically guaranteed to be delicious, and at $8.99 it was a STEAL!

Vera Bradley 'Night Owl' 2009 Planner ($3.99): I know it's nearly April. I know. But, I still didn't have a planner (the job I do, everyone does the planning for you. I practically don't need one. Which is obviously a lie because I had to buy this one). It has stickers, it is preppy, it has KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA owls and it even marks the KENTUCKY DERBY! FOR $3.99!!!

I also scored a few vegetarian cookbooks, a nautical mirror (shaped like a ship's wheel, distressed...perfect for my beachy home/storage unit), two serving dishes (one is shaped like the lacoste emblem...JUST like it, it's actually uncanny, and the other is lobster shaped! go lobsters!) and some Sugar Platinum Body Powder i had been ogling for $24 at Sephora (which was only $1.99 because Ross. is. awesome.).

Slight update on NYC trip . . . we are DEFINITELY doing Sex and the City tour, and the boy that I happen to be going to visit (yes, we met these boys in Las Vegas. yes, we do have mutual friends so it's not that weird/unsafe. yes, most importantly, they are CANADIAN which is the cutest thing ever because they're foreign but not so foreign you can't understand them!!) called yesterday and was asking about making reservations places and stuff and i am so excited that they are as excited for us to come as we are to visit them!! i can't wait to post pictures!

Monday, March 16, 2009

countdown to ny!

i am so excited to go to new york...i think part of it is that i have been getting a little burnt out on my favorite bar here in san diego. it's right on the water and really, really fun - lots of eligible guys, and the clientele it attracts is definitely on the "classy" side for a beach bar. still, i have a tendency to go there every friday, saturday, and quite a few sundays. it's nice when the bartenders know you (free drinks!) but bad when there aren't even new people to meet because they were all there last night, too. that being said, here are some of my favooorite pbsc memories:

My first visit to PBSC...USNA Football Game...B introduced me to what was to become our favorite, go-to preppy bar:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Bar Crawl...we were the final few, not surprisingly, and I still managed to include some J. Crew (my sweater) into the mix:

The time that I was really sick and B and R stillll convinced me to go out. And they fed me 8 million energy pills and I got food poisoning the next day and we thought it was a really bad hangover until finally, 8 pounds later, I had to get an IV:

Hopefully I'll get over my burned out-ness and be back 'on' to PBSC in 2 weeks. until then, NY!!

P s!! there is NOTHING more exciting then discovering new blogs...i have found so many amazing wedding and preppy blogs that i can't get enough of...i'm definitely going to get nothing done on my days off anymore :) it is definitely making me think that i should invest my free time in more D I Y, less D R I N K!

Friday, March 13, 2009

i love college

ah! i haven't posted in forever! it's actually because my cubicle mate at work and i decided to start a blog, but it instead resulted in us exchanging diet tips with each other. typical. in short, here is how i spent my christmas: at a bar. a great bar, with great people that i absolutely adore. on the left is my roommate, r, who is a very sweet girl and very fun. in the center is our friend, t, who recently went back to iraq after only a few short months here! i met him on the night of his birthday at a bar/club in la jolla because he had met my best friend b (i know this is getting convoluted) the week before while he was out at a bar and gotten her number and invited her and she invited me and the rest is history! he's one of those guys that's a connector - i haven't met anyone through him (ok, that's a lie...2 people) that i didn't like!

then came new year's with the family! we did a cruise (celebrityyyy, the best cruise line out there! absolutely wouldn't cruise on anything else except maybe royal carribean because it owns celebrity) through the southern carribean. grenada, aruba (loved!), bon aire, etc. and i wore lilly every. single. day. much to the chagrin of my sweet, emo little sister, ashleen:
as you can tell, we're a pretty diverse family. emo ashleen, vineyard vines wearing momma, and lilly loving me:
it doesn't get much better than this! :
so i admit it...i still get all of the emails from my sorority (appa appa amma - 'cause it isn't a party without kkg!). why? because i love the t-shirts! i can't help it! i order every one they come out with - i don't think there's anything more fun then a personalized t-shirt (this from a girl who owns only one pair of jeans because she hates wearing pants, although i am definitely in the market for a new pair since i am going to new york next week!). speaking of shopping, i finally gave in and bought my first juicy sweats yesterday - i LOVE them and may never take them off. i think i might even buy a couple more sets so i don't overwear this first one :)
annnd, speaking of new york, i've been doing a lot of party-traveling of late - now that i'm free of the awfulness that was c, i am actually enjoying spending my money and my time doing things that i like to do - fly to vegas impromptu for valentine's day, take a trip to new york next week to go visit people we met in vegas (and do the sex and the city tour, obviously!). all this from a girl who wasn't "alllowed" to get into a grocery store check out line if there was a male clerk!

I'm in the center in the lavender with the longer red hair. actually, speaking of the lavender, that was the dress i ended up buying for our work christmas party (still went with bcbg, but this dress was a smarter (albeit more expensive) decision because i have worn it quite a few times since, unlike some of the frillier options that would have been only appropriate for big occasions like work christmas parties).

can't wait to start getting updates on everyone's blogs again! wish me fun in new york!