Friday, March 13, 2009

i love college

ah! i haven't posted in forever! it's actually because my cubicle mate at work and i decided to start a blog, but it instead resulted in us exchanging diet tips with each other. typical. in short, here is how i spent my christmas: at a bar. a great bar, with great people that i absolutely adore. on the left is my roommate, r, who is a very sweet girl and very fun. in the center is our friend, t, who recently went back to iraq after only a few short months here! i met him on the night of his birthday at a bar/club in la jolla because he had met my best friend b (i know this is getting convoluted) the week before while he was out at a bar and gotten her number and invited her and she invited me and the rest is history! he's one of those guys that's a connector - i haven't met anyone through him (ok, that's a lie...2 people) that i didn't like!

then came new year's with the family! we did a cruise (celebrityyyy, the best cruise line out there! absolutely wouldn't cruise on anything else except maybe royal carribean because it owns celebrity) through the southern carribean. grenada, aruba (loved!), bon aire, etc. and i wore lilly every. single. day. much to the chagrin of my sweet, emo little sister, ashleen:
as you can tell, we're a pretty diverse family. emo ashleen, vineyard vines wearing momma, and lilly loving me:
it doesn't get much better than this! :
so i admit it...i still get all of the emails from my sorority (appa appa amma - 'cause it isn't a party without kkg!). why? because i love the t-shirts! i can't help it! i order every one they come out with - i don't think there's anything more fun then a personalized t-shirt (this from a girl who owns only one pair of jeans because she hates wearing pants, although i am definitely in the market for a new pair since i am going to new york next week!). speaking of shopping, i finally gave in and bought my first juicy sweats yesterday - i LOVE them and may never take them off. i think i might even buy a couple more sets so i don't overwear this first one :)
annnd, speaking of new york, i've been doing a lot of party-traveling of late - now that i'm free of the awfulness that was c, i am actually enjoying spending my money and my time doing things that i like to do - fly to vegas impromptu for valentine's day, take a trip to new york next week to go visit people we met in vegas (and do the sex and the city tour, obviously!). all this from a girl who wasn't "alllowed" to get into a grocery store check out line if there was a male clerk!

I'm in the center in the lavender with the longer red hair. actually, speaking of the lavender, that was the dress i ended up buying for our work christmas party (still went with bcbg, but this dress was a smarter (albeit more expensive) decision because i have worn it quite a few times since, unlike some of the frillier options that would have been only appropriate for big occasions like work christmas parties).

can't wait to start getting updates on everyone's blogs again! wish me fun in new york!

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jean hsu said...

aww sweetie u look soooo pretty in all of ur pictures!!! and thank you for sending those sweet comments!! :o)

ps - you are going to have sooooo much fun in MY CITYYYYYYYY!!!!!! although i must warn you - partying here isn't what it used to be!!

pps - i am working on that food network thing!! the casting director contacted me, so hopefully things will work out!!!!!! :o) xx