Monday, March 16, 2009

countdown to ny!

i am so excited to go to new york...i think part of it is that i have been getting a little burnt out on my favorite bar here in san diego. it's right on the water and really, really fun - lots of eligible guys, and the clientele it attracts is definitely on the "classy" side for a beach bar. still, i have a tendency to go there every friday, saturday, and quite a few sundays. it's nice when the bartenders know you (free drinks!) but bad when there aren't even new people to meet because they were all there last night, too. that being said, here are some of my favooorite pbsc memories:

My first visit to PBSC...USNA Football Game...B introduced me to what was to become our favorite, go-to preppy bar:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Bar Crawl...we were the final few, not surprisingly, and I still managed to include some J. Crew (my sweater) into the mix:

The time that I was really sick and B and R stillll convinced me to go out. And they fed me 8 million energy pills and I got food poisoning the next day and we thought it was a really bad hangover until finally, 8 pounds later, I had to get an IV:

Hopefully I'll get over my burned out-ness and be back 'on' to PBSC in 2 weeks. until then, NY!!

P s!! there is NOTHING more exciting then discovering new blogs...i have found so many amazing wedding and preppy blogs that i can't get enough of...i'm definitely going to get nothing done on my days off anymore :) it is definitely making me think that i should invest my free time in more D I Y, less D R I N K!

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