Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.returned lots...bought even more. typical..

typical trip to ross - returned $60 worth of stuff only to leave having spent $65. i had to go because i have been scoping on a lot of people's blogs that they've found some great lilly finds - mckims, shifts, bikinis...i think y'all's rosses are a little more upscale then ours!! i did find some great bargains, though -

O's Guide to Life ($4.99) - I love Oprah!! She is right up there with Martha for me, if only because she's honest about her weight gains and losses and seems a littttle more relatable. These are all articles from her magazines, and the book retailed at $29.99+!

Eagle Brand Cookbook ($8.99) - the absolute best cookbook I can remember from my mother's HUGE supply of them...anything made with sweetened condensed milk is practically guaranteed to be delicious, and at $8.99 it was a STEAL!

Vera Bradley 'Night Owl' 2009 Planner ($3.99): I know it's nearly April. I know. But, I still didn't have a planner (the job I do, everyone does the planning for you. I practically don't need one. Which is obviously a lie because I had to buy this one). It has stickers, it is preppy, it has KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA owls and it even marks the KENTUCKY DERBY! FOR $3.99!!!

I also scored a few vegetarian cookbooks, a nautical mirror (shaped like a ship's wheel, distressed...perfect for my beachy home/storage unit), two serving dishes (one is shaped like the lacoste emblem...JUST like it, it's actually uncanny, and the other is lobster shaped! go lobsters!) and some Sugar Platinum Body Powder i had been ogling for $24 at Sephora (which was only $1.99 because Ross. is. awesome.).

Slight update on NYC trip . . . we are DEFINITELY doing Sex and the City tour, and the boy that I happen to be going to visit (yes, we met these boys in Las Vegas. yes, we do have mutual friends so it's not that weird/unsafe. yes, most importantly, they are CANADIAN which is the cutest thing ever because they're foreign but not so foreign you can't understand them!!) called yesterday and was asking about making reservations places and stuff and i am so excited that they are as excited for us to come as we are to visit them!! i can't wait to post pictures!


Preppy Coastee said...

thank you for your sweet comments!! :)

Your blog is totally adorable!!

AmyKristen said...

You are toooo sweet. Your comment about my engagement pics just made my day. (I know it was a lot of days ago but I just got done with finals and haven't had ANY time to do blogging stuff!) Anyway...thanks for your sweetness! :)

Future Mrs. H said...

Great purchases! If you want Lilly you have to check out Marshalls!! I was there last week and granted nothing was in my size, they had 2 different dresses and TONS of sandals and loafers.