Monday, March 30, 2009

just another (weekend) in paradise

soo the weather was fabulous this weekend on friday/saturday, and icks on sunday. i'll take 2 out of 3...although given that i don't have internet at home or cable, i stayed at work until superlate on friday just to get my weekend lazing around out of my system. good idea because i forced myself to work out before i left, thus upping my confidence so i could go out on friday night and meet a v cute boy! he has been texting me all weekend even after i accidentally ditched him at a bar (we went to a different one, he stayed with his friends then came to meet us but the line was super long so as we were leaving i was just like ok, bye! but he's still texting so that's a fairly good sign) and he keeps talking about hanging out, but doing that annoying "so we should hang out sometime this week..." and i'm like "ok..." - i just hate it when guys are vague and try and force you into suggesting something! i am not asking you out, boy from friday!
and that being said, my NY lover of previous post texted me and wrote on my fb wall about coming to visit, and i, of course, sent back a fb message about what dates were good (i have a very constricting work schedule) and haven't heard back from him since - this is like a week ago! wtf! why would you bring it up twice if you intended never to talk to me again!? sooo annoying, mostly on principle because it's insulting, but also more like why?! it's not like the random "i'll get your number at a bar and then never call you", i understand's flattering on both ends (you're cute and at least vaguely interested, i'm cute and at least willing to give you my number, we both leave happy)...but this is just irritating! i'd rather he hadn't written at all! although maybe he discovered my blog and was creeped out, haha :p
and, i've gotten to that stage where i'm scared to weigh myself, once again. when i first bought a scale (we were never allowed to have one growing up), i was 166.5, a weight that is way too much for my height (5'7, almost 5'8) and frame. i started to watch what i ate and work out, and i got down to about 142. i broke up with an exboyfriend and went through that euphoric freedom stage where food was unnecessary and went down to 138, vowing never to pass 140 again. i broke up with another exboyfriend and got down to a steady 134, a weight i was ecstatic at (i actually got food poisoning one weekend and broke the magical 130, but i was really dehydrated, haha). since then, i've gradually crept back up to what i'm sure right now is a solid 145...10 pounds more then what i want to be. the problem is that once i decide to go on a diet, i start obSSESSING over food!! hopefully talking about it on my little blog will keep me a little more accountable tho...and not let me walk over and snack on the brownies i made for the guys at work. oh self control, where did you go!?!?!


Kyla said...

If you find self-control, please, please send him my way... ugh. If I didn't like my mister so much, I might break up with him and see my weight plummet :) Ha. But alas, I think I'll keep him!

And the NY boy thing... so frustrating!

Angela said...

Okay so if I had to guess, I would say you weigh like 110 in your pictures! Dont stress, you look great! :)

Sorry about the annoying boys... If I had advice on how to make them less annoying and easier to understand I would probably be a millionaire by now:) haha

Tamela said...

I totally feel your pain on the weight thing. When I start to try to lose weigh I start to obsess with food and think I am hungry all the time.

C.G. the Foodie said...

Let me know when you figure it out okay? In all seriousness... GOOD LUCK!!! I look forward to following your blog!