Wednesday, April 8, 2009

seriously, what do boys think?

ok, so boy from friday night has wound his way in and out of my good graces, but fortunately for him he is at this point in them. we hung out the tuesday night after we met (good), he texted me the next day (good), and then on friday night he let me know that if he 'made it out' he'd text me, but if not i was welcome to 'text him if i was lonely' (bad). i was like w. t. f., are you serious? if i was lonely, which i have never found myself to be, i would not BOOTY TEXT someone! GOOD LORD! so, i thought he was written off completely, another drop in the bucket of men, until on sunday he invited me to a bbq, then came to the bar i was at (since i did not go to the bbq) and waited in line again to see me (good), although this time the line wasn't moving so he didn't get in so he ended up leaving (indifferent). so his extra efforts (and the series of four text messages, unresponded to, documenting said efforts) rewarded him with an inquiry as to his taco tuesday plans, and we hung out again last night (good) and basically i really like him! ah! so now i have to play the stupid waiting game again and see whether or not it's reciprocated, but i think the fact that he held my hand (not initiated by me) for a decent amount of the night is a good sign, right?

annnd herein lies the problem, though. if he and i keep hanging out (and hopefully we will), boy from new york has once again escalated his efforts to come visit. he has been texting me and suggesting weekends and so forth (my work schedule is very choppy though), so what happens if he ends up planning on coming out and i have boy from friday night wanting to hang out too!? but i don't want to discourage boy from new york until i know that there is at least some fair amount of 'potential' with boy from friday night!

AND my weightloss efforts are annoying...i was at 140.0 this morning but i went out last night, so i know it was due to dehydration and not genuine weightloss. at the same time, it was verrrry relieving because if i had been as dehydrated as i was and still up around 145, i'd have been heartbroken. rumor has it the scale here at work weighs people light, so i may have to make a trip down and do a little experiment :) hopefully i'll be able to kick this weight in the booty in time for summer, though...i know know know that if i start working out more i'll get more toned whether i lose weight or not, but i am just soooo perpetually lazy! i ran a mile and a half yesterday and felt so accomplished, but seriously, i think that is like a basic human necessity and not something to be particularly proud of. i've been using to track my food and weight and it's kind of depressing to watch the upward climb my weight tracker was making, but now that it's back down it's more fun to track my food and try and figure out ways i can stay under my calorie limit but still feel full. i'd totally recommend the site - it's free!

i also just scored this little lilly number off of ebay, so i'll have to tell you all how it fits once i get it in the mail - i'm hoping flattering, not bulky:

you never know with some of the clothes, but i think this one seems fairly versatile and could even get a long sleeved shirt under it for chilly days. i'm really wondering about the length, too, but for only $36 + shipping it's worth trying.

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