Thursday, April 9, 2009

omg yay!!!!!

omg yayyyy he asked me to dinner!! boy from friday night!! yayyyy! haha unfortunately so did someone else (boy from sunday, a new character), but i don't remember meeting boy from sunday (i met a lot of people and don't remember all their names) but FORTUNATELY i declined his invitation because just like an hour ago boy from friday was like um do you remember that we have dinner plans on saturday night? thank goodness he already realizes that i tend to lose all memory function when i drink :)

ok also obssessed with these songs right now:
wild at heart - gloriana
sweet thing - keith urban
is it guilty in here, or is it just me - miranda lambert
his kind of money (my kind of love) - eric church
-- this one is specifically funny, the lyrics go, "i ain't got his kind of money, and i prob'ly never will, but i got a buck that says his twenties and his hundred dollar bills ain't gonna satisfy you forever, they can only buy so much, i ain't his kind of money, but he ain't got my kind of love." my best bud b and i were driving with her brother and her brother's friend (who i was seeing at the time) and when we put this song on, he (drunkenly) sang along, except every time eric church said "i ain't got his kind of money", this guy said BUT WHAT IF YOU DO!? BECAUSE I DO! I HAVE HIS KIND OF MONEY AND MY KIND OF LOVE!

...obviously that was a short lived relationship :) haha this has turned into a boy blog!


C.G. the Foodie said...

Looking up those songs on iTunes right now! Thanks!!!

And hey sometimes we need to figure out the boy stuff and what better way then to blog it!

Tamela said...

Yay for dates! I also have a terrible memory..heck even when I am not a little tipsy!

That song sounds hilarious! I might just have to update my ipod!

Thanks for the comment on my layout!