Thursday, April 23, 2009

stagecoach countdownnn and yayy!

soo excited, i got approved to take the entire next week off, starting NOW! of course, it's 824pm and i'm still at work, but that's neither here nor there. actually, obviously it's here, as am i, but that's because i don't have internet at home, and i just finished up with some of my work for the week and missed going to a comedy show with B and C downtown. hooopefully they finish slightly drunk and want me to meet them for drinks!

and yay, phone call boy is continuing on his plot to monopolize all of my time and last night, hilariously enough, as he drunkenly said his goodbyes, he said, "i like you" . i was like, "uh, i like you back?" haha i felt like i was in middle school but it was SO adorable! SO i am going to try as Patti of Millionaire Matchmaker says and resort to my healthy, pre-two-long-term-relationships-after-which-i-didn't-want-to-become-close-to-anyone-for-a-long-time and use her real honest rules! if any of you are a fan, you may be aware of which one i'm speaking of...the "no sex outside of a monogamous relationship" rule. it doesn't matter how long you're dating, how much you hang out, if he hasn't committed to you and you alone, don't do it! and i'm going to imagine tonight's episode in my head if i am even tempted, because Patti definitely told off one of her girls and i would never want to hear myself described the way that girl was! you should really start watching the show if you haven't - Patti's rules are basically failproof!

finnnally, i am FREAKING. STARVING. According to, I can only eat 1090 calories a day if I want to lose 2 pounds a week. which i do. today, i've eaten like 1120 and i am SO. HUNGRY. but the problem is that I was 145.6 this morning and if I'm going to be at Stagecoach, aka it-will-be-84-degrees-in-the-shade-so-you'll-want-to-wear-absolutely-nothing, i need to be prepared to expose a little more then nothing. or i need to go misting. i think i'll probably go misting.

have an amazing weekend everyone!! i'll be moving into B's by next week so i am sooo exciteD!


theluckiestmrs said...

You have some serious will power! Goodness!!! :)

By the way, I've named you "Queen for the Day" over on my blog! I love your funny and fabulous stories, and I knew I just had to pass the award on to you!

jean hsu said...

i tottttttttttally know which episode u are talkin about! its the one where the guy brings the girl on a SAFARI and like..brings her in on a HELICOPTER. lol so ridic. but im glad u got the real message out of that :o)