Thursday, May 7, 2009


sooo i went to stagecoach. it was so amazing that i, of course, lost my entire purse and all of its' contents. miserable.
but more annoyingly, and what i'd prefer to vent about, is stupid constant calling boy. he continued on his quest to hang out (and keep in mind that i had lost my poor phone on sunday, he returned from his work trip that tuesday, semi-attempted to hang out tuesday/wednesday night, i had my phone on wednesday, he also semi-attempted to hang out on thursday night, but i was moving all week so i didn't do a thing) until...stupid friday and saturday, he just quit calling/texting, completely. i was seriously like w. t. f. a) this has not happened to me...usually if someone doesn't call anymore it's because i made it quite explicit that i wasn't interested in continuing to talk to them (not just declined their invites but like said no thank you i'm seeing someone else, or just quit responding to them altogether) and b) seriously wtf?! this is the same person who was so interested in hanging out he allegedly wanted to go to the grocery store! SO b and i are driving home from the chula vista pre-cinco de mayo festival on sunday, and i look over and he's freaking WALKING DOWN THE ROAD! and so we pull over and are like, 'oh, do you need a ride?' and then we give him a ride to the freakinb bar he was walking to! and he was like 'oh, you should come'. and then he texts me and is like come out, etc., and finally i end up meeting him with a friend at their apartment's hot tub (my friend and he live in the same complex, evidently). and it was fun and we made out and i left and that was it. well monday i hear from him in the morning, that's it, but i was at work all day so it didn't matter. tuesday was cinco de mayo, he invites me over to go hot tubbing but i was getting my car keys re-coded so i couldn't, and tuesday night we meet up and hang out again but i was being kind of weird because i was drunk, and my friends kept going on and on about how cute he was so they gave me major anxiety, but i semi-recovered (albeit not very gracefully, unfortunately). regardless, a little texting action yesterday morning, a little last night, except then i texted him a question and he just didn't respond! so i am so. freaking. done! i am seriously obviously very annoyed at this whole situation, because i really don't like investing my time in someone and *actually trying* with a guy who is not going to reciprocate! i think this is why i usually just don't try, but for him i kind of felt that what with the time already invested it was useless to just let it fade away before he moved away. clearrrrly, i was wrong. FORTUNATELY i didn't spend my previous friday-saturday phone-call-boy-free weekend sitting at home staring at my cell, and consequently i already have plans for friday night with a new boy, who shall be jolla boy. even though he doesn't only lives on the edge of la jolla, it's still easier then calling him boy-from-friday or whatever.
ugh. seriously, though. i am never ever not going to respond to someone's text messages as a way of 'letting them down easy' again. it would be so much nicer if he would just be like yeah, i'm moving away, you're nice but really i'd rather spend the time with my friends. i mean, it would suck, but i wouldn't sit here and be like seriously, was it my hair? did you look at my butt from a bad angle? IS MY PERSONALITY NOT SPARKLING!?!?! (that was kind of a joke. except seriously i have a sparkling personality.)
hmm i think i need rejection therapy. ew.


C.G. the Foodie said...

Excellent revelations! Some days I hate text messaging!

Robbie S.Redmon, LPC said...

Hi, just stopping by from SITS. Just remember: It's Friday!