Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lilly pulitzer spring 2011...i. DIE!!

oh lordy...
officially cannot wait for summer.  
blossom dress printed, $178

dolly dress embroidered, $268

emma dress eyelet, $268

jacqueline dress embroidered, $268

jacqueline dress novelty lace, $268

keetan dress printed, $198

shauna dress embroidered, $278

teresa dress eyelet, $398

tiernan dress printed, $298
I KNOW.  you don't have to tell me, you're dying, too.  
it may be february, but i'm quickly approaching spring fever!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

short summer know you love!!

so obviously, it's the dead of winter in Newport, R.I., and I should be studying.
instead, i've been clued into the fact that Abercrombie has some pretty darn cute summer dresses out!
i mention it to a friend, and she says, "who shops at Abercrombie anymore?"
obviously, i remind her that i do.
and that she quite recently made a comment on a facebook photo deMANDing to borrow a dress (which, clearly, she didn't know was Abercrombie).
i rest my case.
that being said, i clearly have no problem heading over to Abercrombie's less-popular, lesser known little sister: Hollister.
and, as per usual, i fall in love:

here's where you see my economical craftiness - look @ their big sisters from A + F:

now honestly, the prices are comparable - ranging from $39.50 to $68, so you know i'll probably order a majority of the dresses and ship back the ones i don't like/are too short, but for now, i just need to blog about them and covet, covet, covet!

especially because you know in newport, we're all wearing this:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Operation: Not the Fat Friend (ONTFF)

so, occasionally my girlfriends and i go on the crazy-person type diet and workout plans.  none of us are super overweight (in my opinion) but living in San Diego, it's hard not to feel insecure sometimes!  
Thus, we developed ONTFF - 
Operation Not the Fat Friend
ONTFF propelled me through deployment, encouraging me not to succumb to the temptations of the Wardroom (Officers' dining room), vending machines or ship's store.  
ONTFF helped me beat out post-breakup blues and get more fit instead.
Now, I'm calling on ONTFF to keep me from sitting here and binging on Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches during these two months in freezing Rhode Island, and to instead inspire me to start a sick 2011 workout plan. 
"thin" spiration?
these pictures:
What I Currently Look Like - New Year's Eve 2010.  Definitely not the worst I've ever been, but pretty unacceptable.  I mean, I'm 24!  Why aren't I enjoying the last time in my life my body will actively respond to diet and exercise?
What I looked like when I returned from deployment - April 2010.  Certainly an acceptable weight for my body, but I was still self-conscious in some outfits.

Goal Weight!  What I looked like prior to deployment, in Las Vegas - slender, toned, and HAPPY!

Goal Weight again!  Clearly I've been eating - not too skinny, but much more toned!  

Monday, January 17, 2011

jersey shore & skins...and life as we know it

so people may disagree with me, but i love me some jersey shore.  i know it's embarrassing and not something i should admit, but everyone is so down to earth and real that you can't help but admire the audacity.
let's be serious.
the reason i actually love jersey shore so much is the animal print and big hair.
it was totally the inspiration for my new haircut!  
for the fact that i went out with one of my friends last night, and we were talking about our love for animal print.  she was like, i'm wearing zebra print undies! 
I WAS TOO! we were wearing the same flipping underwear!  i'm telling you, jersey shore is a phenomenon!
[disclaimer: trip, stop reading this]
i'm also currently watching Skins, the new show on MTV, and it. is. ridiculous.  think gossip girl, but wayyy trashier.  i don't know if i'll keep watching it because unlike gg, i have no urge to emulate annnything these people are doing.  annnd their lead character is no chace crawford, seriously.  he's definitely cute but his baby face doesn't make his power over women nearly as convincing...give him a few years, i guess.
(he's the shirtless kid in the front)
see my point?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


i know! the day has finally come and i have finally closed on my first home - a condo in a beautiful gated complex right next to the river and the trolley tracks and between two fantastic malls!  i couldn't be happier!
1 car garage
...i could go on and on! so excited! click to enlarge any of the photos if you so desire :)

 so happy....for San Diego, this condo was a steal!  it's also newer and i bought it before April, so I get the 8k tax credit!
p.s. because I am military and deployed during a certain period, it is extended till April 2011 in case anyone was wondering :)
p.p.s. this is the staged furniture, it is not mine...and i am going to repaint the red in the master bedroom because i don't do red haha

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 has the BEST music!

so bummed that i haven't been posting in the past few's been a whirlwind, with Vegas for Thanksgiving,
- elevator photos on the way to a fully comped dinner @ Beso - DEFINITELY eat there if you get the chance, and get their macaroni and cheese and bread pudding!-

- the whole group, on the way to the bank @ bellagio - comped table for the girls! -

- trip and I on the way to see LOVE, the Cirque du Soleil show! -
the free VH1 Diva's Present Salute the Troops Concert with Katy Perry, Keri Hilson, Niki Minaj, etc.
- She definitely sings live!  It was interesting to see what songs the Divas sang twice because it was being recorded for TV -

Skiing in Utah for Christmas with the family + Trip + whole week, all those people and no injuries!
- isn't it STUNNING?  this is Powder Mountain, Utah -
and spending New Year's in Northern VA with my friends from high school and my fab boyfriend
- amazing group of friends still in the area from high school! -

- midnight shots with friends and the boyfriend...look at what a wimp he is! -

- the happy couple! -
now I'm in Rhode Island for school until March, and it's FREEZING!

fortunately, I have the amazing Britney Spears' Hold it Against Me:

Avril Lavigne's What the Hell:

and Rihanna's S&M to keep me warm during the snow day tomorrow!