Thursday, February 10, 2011

short summer know you love!!

so obviously, it's the dead of winter in Newport, R.I., and I should be studying.
instead, i've been clued into the fact that Abercrombie has some pretty darn cute summer dresses out!
i mention it to a friend, and she says, "who shops at Abercrombie anymore?"
obviously, i remind her that i do.
and that she quite recently made a comment on a facebook photo deMANDing to borrow a dress (which, clearly, she didn't know was Abercrombie).
i rest my case.
that being said, i clearly have no problem heading over to Abercrombie's less-popular, lesser known little sister: Hollister.
and, as per usual, i fall in love:

here's where you see my economical craftiness - look @ their big sisters from A + F:

now honestly, the prices are comparable - ranging from $39.50 to $68, so you know i'll probably order a majority of the dresses and ship back the ones i don't like/are too short, but for now, i just need to blog about them and covet, covet, covet!

especially because you know in newport, we're all wearing this:


Marian said...

Those little numbers are perfect. Who would have thought you can find them at those two stores. I'm in love and may just have to order a few myself too:)

pinksundrops said...

Oh my, those are all absolutely adorable! So perfect for summer - I love that a dress makes anyone look instantly in style with only one piece of clothing!

Mrs in Training said...

Oooh, those dresses are super cute. I will have to stock up for this summer!

That one girl said...

These are super cute!!!