Tuesday, May 20, 2008

.vineyard vines.

I didn't believe everyone's blogs when they told me that they had founds Vineyard Vines at TJ Maxx, but I figured that I would try - totally worth it!

Now I'm putting these suckers on eBay - hopefully will get something near the $62 retail price! If you're looking, here's my listing: eBay!

So0o0o, there's this super dramatic girl that's staying at C's apartment right now with her boyfriend (C's childhood friend), the same one that I mentioned with the Facebook friending/unfriending. Yesterday, we were sitting at a bar at the beach, so hopefully this was due to a couple drinks, but get this...

They start discussing C's past, and V, the girl, asks about some girl that she met with him at a baseball game. C laughs, and V looks at me and goes, "She was really pretty. Like, you're pretty, but she was really pretty. I think she was prettier then you. Yea, she was, but she was really dumb, don't worry." I was like W. T. F. Fortunately, later last night she said something to piss C off, so now she is kicked out of the apartment and they're staying at a hotel :)

Prepping for graduation - intense! Today was my last final ever, and I am PSYCHED!

Friday, May 16, 2008

.money wasn't made to be saved, was it?.

I've definitely been in a shopping mood recently - I think it's because I've been cleaning out my closet on eBay...ready, set, go!

Green Lola Side-Tie Top from Lilly Pulitzer - Marked down to $39! I could only find a picture of the navy, but the more I look at it, the more I like it! Speaking of which, what is the deal with LP only putting up an image of the apparel in one pattern or color? The renditions of the patterns they put online are hideous and not at all like what they look like in person, so I don't see the point in not just having multiple photographs...doesn't seem difficult, does it?

Yellow Striped Nancy Sweater from Lilly - marked down to $39! There's only a picture of the green one, and I am not on a green binge, don't worry. I do think the pink is just so darn cute, so I might have to order it -

Williams Sonoma Pink and Green Toile Pot Holders (could only find a picture of the napkins, but the pink and green is so cute when it's not as intense - besides, I burned myself on cheesecake brownies two nights ago)

So adorable! Kohl's Outdoor Mosaic Table! With supercute palm trees :) It was marked down from $39.99 to only $17.99! Our new apartment has a very roomy patio, so I think I might actually venture out there and not just leave it as C's smoking area - maybe even get a grill?

Last but not least, we have absolutely no serving dishes! I was so excited to see this adorable fish shaped chip and dip server at Kohl's, especially in time for C's friends to come visit :)

Heh, heh...speaking of C's friends, we might have stumbled upon the reason why we need all of these cute things...

C's friend R has been dating V for quite a while now. Evidently, V is a little bit of the controlling type, so when R friended me on Facebook (to find out who his childhood friend, C, was dating), she went onto his Facebook and unfriended me! I'm really wondering how this little lady is in real life...seems like there might be a cattier couple than C and I in the apartment this week!
P. FREAKING. S.! I just got my Brad Paisley tickets in the mail! I didn't realize his special guest was Jewel! SO excited!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

.were you just listening for me to pull up?.

So, C lives in an apartment building in, shall we say, not the nicest part of town. There is a police station around the corner, a Wal-Mart down the street, and I am pretty positive 6 people live in the 1-bedroom across the hall. Just across the parking lot, though, on the lower right hand side, lives a family that consists of at least a mother, a father, and a horny 12 year old boy. While it's nice to be hit on by a boy that probably wouldn't have talked to me when I was 12, I hadn't paid this family much mind until yesterday.

There happens to be a loading zone very near to their apartment door. It is, in fact, right next to their parking spot. On many occasions, I have parked there. It's a loading zone, after all, and I'm unloading myself and will, within the next few hours, or the next morning, be loading myself right back up. Recently, the apartment manager came to C's door and told him that I needed to move my car. I obliged, but I didn't hesitate to park there again...after all, it's a freaking loading zone, right?

Come yesterday, I'm returning from Happy Hour (and a very Happy hour it was, might I add) to pick C up to go see Baby Mama (loved it, probably would have peed myself laughing had it not been a public arena). I pull into the loading zone and lo-and-behold, Ms. "I live in a budget housing development with my blue collar husband and i'm bitter and angry at anyone who might possibly have the potential to move away from this spider filled dump" sticks her head out and says, "You can't park there," bold as can be. Immediately, I am struck. This is a loading zone. She doesn't own it. It doesn't have her apartment number (or anyone's apartment number, for that matter) painted on the curb. I respond, "I'll be in and out in a minute." She counters, "It's hard for me to get into my car when you're parked there." I give in with an , "Okay, sorry," get into my car, back up and then sit there in the middle of the parking lot, waiting for C to come out. Meanwhile, I'm fuming, because I'm thinking:


I am not even going to touch on the fact that IF perhaps you WEREN'T MORBIDLY OBESE you would fit into the GENEROUS space left between your car and mine. I am not going to mention the fact that NO one, and I mean NO one parks in that loading zone besides me. I know, I monitored it for WEEKS before I decided to start parking there on occasion. What I cannot resist mentioning, though, is that if you deemed it necessary to PARK WITHIN THE LIMITS OF YOUR OWN GOD DAMN PARKING SPOT you would have more then the legal amount of room to fit your GARGANTUAN derrière into your flipping car! MOREOVER, HOW IS IT DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO GET INTO THE DRIVER'S SIDE WHEN MY CAR IS PARKED NEXT TO YOUR CAR'S PASSENGER SIDE?"

Needless to say, we are moving out in the end of June.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

.spaghetti doesn't go there.

So, we wake up yesterday morning, and I tell C I'm going to make us some eggs for breakfast. This, in itself, should have been an omen for disaster, given that in our entire dating career, I have made eggs that he enjoyed once. Yes, literally, once. This, from a girl who eats eggs at least once a week, and more often twice or three times. I get out the eggs, but the kitchen is so full of dirty dishes (he has a very small dishwasher, and no sense of consolidating dishes while cooking - I guess I should be happy that he cooks at all, right?) that I can't find anywhere to put the egg carton down. I unload the dishwasher, load the dishwasher (C plays Call of Duty) and call him over to clean out the strainer, which after a few reminders, he gets up to do.

I'm cooking away the eggs, minding my own business, when I hear a
very loud swear word behind me. I turn around to see C clutching his hand, screaming, "I'M NEVER CLEANING THE PASTA STRAINER AGAIN! NEVER! WHY DID YOU WANT ME TO DO IT SO BAD?! (he certainly wasn't an English major) I HATE THE PASTA STRAINER!"

First, I clarify, "You are definitely going to clean the pasta strainer again," and then I look at his hand. C has somehow managed to get an actual shard of angel hair pasta stabbed up underneath his fingernail, cruel and unusual punishment, bamboo shoots style.

It's today, and his finger still has this weird hole in it (we think we got all the pasta out) but I think the more important question still stands: does he have a legitimate claim to never cleaning the pasta strainer again?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"It wasn't me"

I've been contemplating making a blog forever, but it wasn't until I started obsessively compiling other people's blogs that I realized I needed one, if only to have a way to organize all of my links to other people's blogs. I also really, really like stationery, monograms, Lilly Pulitzer, sparkles, baking, and vacations.

The basics:
I'm 21.
I have a boyfriend, C, who I've been dating for almost 7 months, who is 27. Our personalities are completely opposite, and about 90% of the time, it works pretty darn okay.
I work at Lilly Pulitzer, but I haven't always been a Lilly Lover - I hadn't been able to afford it until very late in high school and now in college, so I'm kind of like one of those people who moves to a new city and then becomes a little too obsessed with the local sports teams, buys all of the jerseys, and decorates their house in memorabilia.
C & I are moving in together in July, in a 'luxury apartment complex' about 5 minutes away from where his apartment is now. This means I've spent money on Lilly placemats, Lilly pillows, and Lilly towels. His current decorating scheme is black, dark blue, and more black, so since I'm not going for the whole 80's neon + black color scheme, we're going to have a few upcoming "discussions" about what stays and what goes.

Now, the point of this entry:
Last night, C was snoring up a storm. Like the kind where it's this inhaling sniffle that kind of bothers you in the back of your mind, but you try and match your breathing to it so maybe it will become soothing, and then the exhale comes and it's SO LOUD YOU FEEL LIKE THERE IS A PIG ROOTING FOR TRUFFLES NEXT TO YOU IN THE BED!

Normally, I reach over and hold his nose, so his mouth will eventually pop open and he'll roll himself over to avoid my torture. Last night, unfortunately, little C had decided to snore with his mouth open, so holding his nose while I forced his mouth shut was my only option. Somehow, he
still managed to snore (and breathe, which now that I think about it, must have been difficult), so I finally gave in, shook him, and said "Babe, stop snoring". Well, being C, he comes back at me with this lovely: "It wasn't me."


Please tell me, C, who else was in our bed last night, because I would
really like to know.