Friday, May 16, 2008

.money wasn't made to be saved, was it?.

I've definitely been in a shopping mood recently - I think it's because I've been cleaning out my closet on eBay...ready, set, go!

Green Lola Side-Tie Top from Lilly Pulitzer - Marked down to $39! I could only find a picture of the navy, but the more I look at it, the more I like it! Speaking of which, what is the deal with LP only putting up an image of the apparel in one pattern or color? The renditions of the patterns they put online are hideous and not at all like what they look like in person, so I don't see the point in not just having multiple photographs...doesn't seem difficult, does it?

Yellow Striped Nancy Sweater from Lilly - marked down to $39! There's only a picture of the green one, and I am not on a green binge, don't worry. I do think the pink is just so darn cute, so I might have to order it -

Williams Sonoma Pink and Green Toile Pot Holders (could only find a picture of the napkins, but the pink and green is so cute when it's not as intense - besides, I burned myself on cheesecake brownies two nights ago)

So adorable! Kohl's Outdoor Mosaic Table! With supercute palm trees :) It was marked down from $39.99 to only $17.99! Our new apartment has a very roomy patio, so I think I might actually venture out there and not just leave it as C's smoking area - maybe even get a grill?

Last but not least, we have absolutely no serving dishes! I was so excited to see this adorable fish shaped chip and dip server at Kohl's, especially in time for C's friends to come visit :)

Heh, heh...speaking of C's friends, we might have stumbled upon the reason why we need all of these cute things...

C's friend R has been dating V for quite a while now. Evidently, V is a little bit of the controlling type, so when R friended me on Facebook (to find out who his childhood friend, C, was dating), she went onto his Facebook and unfriended me! I'm really wondering how this little lady is in real life...seems like there might be a cattier couple than C and I in the apartment this week!
P. FREAKING. S.! I just got my Brad Paisley tickets in the mail! I didn't realize his special guest was Jewel! SO excited!


Elizabeth said...

love the potholder!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Love love the pink and green potholder! Adorable! said...

no, money was not meant to be saved. it was meant to be spent! i'm glad SOMEONE finally agrees with me on this.