Tuesday, May 20, 2008

.vineyard vines.

I didn't believe everyone's blogs when they told me that they had founds Vineyard Vines at TJ Maxx, but I figured that I would try - totally worth it!

Now I'm putting these suckers on eBay - hopefully will get something near the $62 retail price! If you're looking, here's my listing: eBay!

So0o0o, there's this super dramatic girl that's staying at C's apartment right now with her boyfriend (C's childhood friend), the same one that I mentioned with the Facebook friending/unfriending. Yesterday, we were sitting at a bar at the beach, so hopefully this was due to a couple drinks, but get this...

They start discussing C's past, and V, the girl, asks about some girl that she met with him at a baseball game. C laughs, and V looks at me and goes, "She was really pretty. Like, you're pretty, but she was really pretty. I think she was prettier then you. Yea, she was, but she was really dumb, don't worry." I was like W. T. F. Fortunately, later last night she said something to piss C off, so now she is kicked out of the apartment and they're staying at a hotel :)

Prepping for graduation - intense! Today was my last final ever, and I am PSYCHED!


Elizabeth said...

Wow what a bitch!! Their relationship wont last long hopefully!

jen.at.work said...


Congrats on the last final EVAH!!!

p.s. you have no idea what I would give to sit at a bar on the beach in San Diego...Canes on Mission Beach, please. Is that place even still there?

jen.at.work said...

I'm tagging you.

TAG said...

OMG! I need to head to T.J. Maxx IMMEDIATELY! Were the prices good?