Sunday, June 22, 2008

another sale?!

Depending on how familiar you are with the lovely customer service available at Lilly Pulitzer, you might be aware that we do send sales, which basically mean that we will locate whatever you are looking for in a different size at a different store. So when I refer to clothing as "hopefully" in my closet or "en route", it's because I sent out a request to all of our sister stores looking for the clothes in my closet, and either no one's responded or their shipping those babies right to my home...or apartment, as it may be. Hopefully will be very cute with my new white beach weight chino's from J. Crew or these white jeans I got at Ann Taylor Loft (who knew?) ... PB Tunic, I have no idea how much I paid (what is wrong with me?!) being shipped :)

Dougherty Shirt, but not in this pattern. In my beloved White on the Prowl, pink and green leopard print tacky can we go to Vegas so I can wear this please pattern. I am psyched ($19 of FUN in my closet...or the bag, proooobably the bag).

Keally Top Clip Dot...hopefully this will be en route, come tomorrow ($59).
Betsey Dress Printed - if it still exists in the system, it'll be mine come tomorrow :) ($49!)

Prussia Skort Patch ($49? $59?) If it still exists in the system, it will be mine come tomorrow :)

Prussia Skort Printed ($49, I think ... maybe $59?) Anyways, hanging in my closet successfully. Ok, that's a lie, it is still in the bag sitting outside of my closet. CLOSE!
Flora Simple Cardigan (so that's just the cardigan, not the top underneath, which isn't really my style) successfully obtained in Palm Green, Delta Blue. ...and hopefully Pink and White if my call for sweaters is successful :) - I think it was $49 :)

There is a hunt going out for this one, because it's marked down ridiculously low - it's like $39 or something crazy like that! Larsson Dress Silver Jacquard (price = unknown, but ridiculously cheap). We'll find out tomorrow if it shall be mine.

Dasha Silk Dress for $149! Hanging successfully in my closet. Seriously this time. Ok, that's a lie too, it's in my dry cleaning basket. (More importantly, it's $99 now darnit!)

Jacqueline Dress Silk Oxford for $89...heh, heh, I stole this right out of the box from my coworker! She's the cutest Lilly Lover and it was pretty funny when she saw it and realized I already had it on hold...victory! Also successfully in closet! (More importantly, it's $49 now darnit!)
Meridian Top in Pink and in Blue ($49 each!). Successfully in bags sitting outside of my closet!
Betsey Dress in Via Blue (that's the turquoise-y blue, not the navy) for $99! Successfully ordered and shipped - at this price, I wasn't about to wait for people to respond to the email - I was calling stores like crazy!

Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the white Jacqueline with Silver Loop detailing that I scored for $99, but it is verrry pretty :)
If you like any of this, I listed the prices that are marked currently on the tags, so feel free to call Lilly Pulitzer at Fashion Valley mall and we can do some looking for you :) I wonder if I'm allowed to say that!!?

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Nora said...

HI there Alana,
QUick question for you, I wanted to call your workplace and see if they could find me a pair of Lilly jeans I love, but I dont know where fashion valley mall is, so I couldnt find the number :)