Thursday, July 3, 2008

baby cat, wall-E and grandma E

A few steals I recently picked up:
Florida Shift, $99
Larssen Dress $29!
Prussia Skort, $59

Charlie Short (in Seersucker Green, Yummy Yummy Embroidery, and Havana Good Time, the same pattern as the first dress) $59 ea.

Calliope Tunic, $49
Now that that's over with...

I would just like to begin this post by asking for everyone's prayers for my grandmother - she will not be with us much longer, and I know that her husband (my grandfather) will be waiting for her in heaven.

On a lighter note,

Wall-E! I loved it and would totally recommend it. I saw it on my very punk-ish, rebellious (but not too bad-ass) little sister's recommendation. The sweet 16 coming of age has seen some interesting dye jobs with this one, but she is such a sweetheart underneath that I knew I had to see it. When a couple girls from work invited me to see it this evening, I couldn't resist! I cried twice, but I'm kind of a sap when it comes to animated characters.

So, I got the best gift ever this Saturday...Baby Cat! I came home, and C said he hoped I didn't mind if we got another kitten :)
He is only four weeks old, and he was a starving stray kitten that a friend of a friend found, took to the vet and got cleaned up, and then looked for a home for. It's a little bit difficult because he is so young and was not hand-raised: we don't want to smother him, but we don't want him to grow up afraid of humans. Fortunately, our almost one year old kitten, Mojito, has taken quite a liking to our new baby, and the two are already sleeping next to each other!

And, in order to even further exemplify why we are a great couple, I just had to get up and run into the kitchen in order to save poor C...he pulled a Costco sized jar of jalepeno slices out of the refrigerator, but he hadn't tightened the lid last time, so the jar hit the deck, exploded, and rained a bloody hail of jalepeno juice into his eyes and hair. I spent the next 15 minutes mopping up jalepeno juice, listening to him moan (evidently it's worse then pepper spray, but I'm not willing to find out), and yelling at him to stay off the carpet. What a life :)


Elizabeth said...

What a cute kitty!!!

Nora said...

First off, oh my gosh the kitty is so, so, so sweet! She will be a snuggle bug I am sure. Second, how on earth can us regular gals get that lovely dress for $29? You must fill me in!