Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 has the BEST music!

so bummed that i haven't been posting in the past few months...it's been a whirlwind, with Vegas for Thanksgiving,
- elevator photos on the way to a fully comped dinner @ Beso - DEFINITELY eat there if you get the chance, and get their macaroni and cheese and bread pudding!-

- the whole group, on the way to the bank @ bellagio - comped table for the girls! -

- trip and I on the way to see LOVE, the Cirque du Soleil show! -
the free VH1 Diva's Present Salute the Troops Concert with Katy Perry, Keri Hilson, Niki Minaj, etc.
- She definitely sings live!  It was interesting to see what songs the Divas sang twice because it was being recorded for TV -

Skiing in Utah for Christmas with the family + Trip + friends...one whole week, all those people and no injuries!
- isn't it STUNNING?  this is Powder Mountain, Utah -
and spending New Year's in Northern VA with my friends from high school and my fab boyfriend
- amazing group of friends still in the area from high school! -

- midnight shots with friends and the boyfriend...look at what a wimp he is! -

- the happy couple! -
now I'm in Rhode Island for school until March, and it's FREEZING!

fortunately, I have the amazing Britney Spears' Hold it Against Me:

Avril Lavigne's What the Hell:

and Rihanna's S&M to keep me warm during the snow day tomorrow!



taylor said...

I'm so glad I found a blog from a fellow kappa!


Mrs. Mama said...

you and your honey looks so cute together!

Marian said...

Seriously...Rhianna's song is so dirty...but for some reason I'm addicted to it!

Glitterista said...

Welcome back! It looks like you've had a blast over the past few months. Stay warm and enjoy your snow day! :)