Friday, April 10, 2009

payday, please come soon

Dear Payday,
I know that sometimes you come early, sometimes even a few days early (thanks to holidays and Sundays), but this week, do you mind just doubling yourself? I'll even wait until the 15th if you only come fat and happy, because I've discovered a few things I absolutely have to have, and given the damage the bars are going to do to my paycheck this weekend, I won't be able to get them until you do me the honor of gracing my checking account.
American Eagle 'Favorite' Shorts - on sale for $19.95/pair - just long enough to cover where my thighs touch but not so long that they're bermuda style or anything else particularly thigh-unflattering:
love this nantucket red colornavy blue is so easy to match with!
you can never have too many cute/comfy khaki shorts - perfect with a white tank for summer beach days!
How stinking fun is this color?? Imagine the contrast with a good (fake, Mystic-style, since I never let my poor body see the light of day) tan!
Sugar Platinum Body Shimmer - $35 @ Sephora, $1.99 @ Ross (go me!) - absolutely delicious, super shimmery, bronz-y and beautiful sugar platinum body powder...EVERY time I wear it I get compliments on how healthy and shimmery my skin looks from men and women. If it's not at Ross I might have to start paying retail for it!
and of course, Lilly Pulitzer's Late Spring/Early Summer line. I just watched the preview video of the photo shoot and it's going to be beauuutiful!! so excited!!
also excited about 'boy from friday night' . . . i asked him a question and in response he said, "well i don't know, but i have been seeing this girl from va..." we've been 'seeing' each other? yay? haha i loooove new crushes, always the funnest, giddiest time :) if only the honeymoon crush phase lasted forever!


Tamela said...

Those shorts are super cute. Sadly I don't like to wear shorts much cuz I don't like the way my legs look.

I wish the honeymoon stage lasted longer too. It is always so much fun to have those giddy butterflies!

Joanne + Michelle, kookie girls clothing said...

Cute site! I remember when I could wear shorts like that.. 20 lbs ago!

Thanks for visiting us!!