Thursday, September 24, 2009

Biggest Loser Weigh Ins

So, I weighed in at 158 last night. 1. 5. 8. that is the second highest weight i've seen on a scale since my max, 166.5, sophomore year in college. now i haven't weighed myself since then, and a couple of the girls on my team peed out (TMI, i'm sorry) a solid 6 pounds of water, but i don't want to give myself any buffer thinking that i don't have the weight to lose. I have been 133 before, and i will be 133 again! Except this time it'll be a toned 133. i know it's a lot to ask for, but i live at my job. live there. i have no excuse for finishing my work and then watching a movie when i could be watching that movie on the elliptical. there's no temptation to go out to dinner or grab happy hour instead of hitting the gym. the only thing that might throw me off is a weird watch schedule or an event like the Burial at Sea today, but things like that are few and far between.

Speaking of the Burial at Sea, it was beautiful - what an honor to be part of it, and especially to run it! Everyone was in their Dress Blues, it was a stunningly sunny day, and nobody tripped or dropped an urn - what more can an event coordinator ask for?

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Ambs said...

just remember: its not the number one the scale - its how you LOOK and FEEL when you get off! muscle weighs more than fat and all that jazz :o)

i'm right there with ya tho... you can do it!