Sunday, September 13, 2009

birthday/labor day/deployment ...

So, basic highlights of my life in the past month as i prepare for our 7 month deployment...

1) my 23rd birthday party! it was a golf/tennis themed bar crawl. this is pretty much one of the few appropriate pictures i can post as the guys decided it would be nice to wear very short, very tight, very...'stuffed' shorts.

2) the White Party! it's the second year these guys have had it and they really went overboard with it (P.S. I don't even remember the name of that guy between Christina and I...oh well!)...they had a dj, the ceiling was covered in balloons, they hired a bartender to pour champagne, and everyone looked soooo beautiful.

3) The Nickelback concert! Hinder opened for them and it was really you can tell I had a little too much fun at some points and took a wee nap. Unfortunately that's par for the course with me and concerts. C'est la vie!4) Christina and I went on liquid diets. Unfortunately it worked fairly well, bringing me down to a nice 139.5...135 is my constant goal weight (i'm 5'8) but i'm usually somewhere between 140 and 144. since going back to consuming solid foods (i.e. having to go back to work), i'm back to normal. darn.

5) so sad!!! the last day the trifecta was united before Christina went on vacation, I leave for deployment, and Becky potentially gets transferred to Japan! This cannot possibly happen again until December of next year, when Becky might make it back to San Diego. So depressing!

6) and all that's left...Becky and I, enjoying one of our last few moments at shore club. today will be my last Sunday Funday for a long time!!

7) Made it to Vegas for a couple of days before deployment...went with a really sweet guy so we'll see how that goes...don't want to say too much!!
8) and finally, Becky and I's last night out together, bummed because we had to wait in line.

I know, picture montages are never the best posts, but hey, if i'm writing this blog as something for me to look @ while i'm deployment so i can remember how much fun i had back in SD (and why i do this job!!) then picture montages are the best for me :) We're almost at the one year anniversary of my leaving Chad (the evil abusive one) so that, in itself, is a cause to celebrate!!

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Carrie said...

Well it certainly looks like you've been having lots of fun! :) Good luck with your deployment, and I'll keep my figers crossed that you and your friends are back together before you know it!