Tuesday, September 22, 2009

biggest loser!

great news! the biggest loser starts again at work tomorrow - it's so different to actually live where you work for long stretches of time, and obviously the longest stretches are yet to come! so far the longest i've ever been underway without pulling into port has been 3 weeks...this deployment is supposed to be for much longer, obviously. fortunately, there are always tons of activities to keep us busy, and i run MWR (morale, welfare and recreation), and one of my good girlfriends, Joy, runs CFL (command fitness league, or something..i don't know what the l stands for). anyways, that means we can work together to develop great prizes for fitness related events. i think the prize for this year's biggest loser winner might be something sweet, like a spa package!
i'll make sure to post my weigh in stats tomorrow after weigh ins...i've been eating everything i possibly can and want to in order to pack on some pounds beforehand - the way it works is that it's by body percentage, not pounds lost, so the heavier i am at weigh ins, the more weight i have to lose and the higher percentage it will be once it's lost. it sounds silly, but eating a lot of salty foods and drinking tons of water right beforehand is a great way to kind of swing it to your advantage. i know that also sounds kind of dishonest, but if you know everyone else is doing it, then you're basically at a disadvantage if you don't!
as a piggyback on my last post, though, i realized that this is the first time i've eaten starches (pasta and rice) in public at work in as long as i can remember. that's not to say that i traditionally don't eat starches - i live off of slimfast bars, it's just that i don't eat them in public. i have a feeling that's something i need to explore a little bit more of. why am i so worried about people seeing me eat non-healthy foods? i don't judge other people when they eat them!

I'll leave you with something a little more upbeat - the guy i went to vegas with recently asked me what my dream car was, and i got to thinking...how does a 2009 Alpine White BMW M6 convertible sound to anyone else? yes please!

I also have a couple CD's to recommend: if you're a country fan, Jason Aldean's new CD, Wide Open, is amazing! I'd also recommend the new Colbie Caillat CD, Breakthrough (Deluxe Edition), and if you don't have her first one, it's also amazing.

Biggest Loser, here I come! And after stalking a few blogs recently, I have to say that I might order Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - the results look incredible!

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Prince Moss said...

As an ultimate fan of convertibles, I am definitely saying yes to that white BMW! It’s a mix of luxury, excitement and sophistication. Your post reminds me of my dream car, which is a red Lexus IS 250C. But anyway, I dig your CD’s! =)

Prince Moss