Wednesday, September 23, 2009

blah blah blah

and in what can only be described as a super frustrating move, last night one of my bosses decided to move one of my meetings (that i run and host and he has nothing to do with) to a different time slot without telling me! the reason i'm so frustrated about it is that it's our first one of deployment, and for me to advertise what eventually became the wrong time makes me look incompetent and ill prepared! ugh!
ok, that's out of my system...we're also doing a burial at sea tomorrow, and let me tell you, that is going to be the DEATH of me (he he he i've been saving that one).
anyways, weigh-ins tonight...all of this "guilt-free" eating is going to be really hard to stop once i've actually stepped on the scale and come to terms with how much i've put on in the past few weeks - everyone knows you have to have your 'last meal' before deployment, and i unfortunately did that for a week straight. i'll make sure to post stats and measurements in a few hours!
finally, this morning while getting out of the shower, i opened the door to the shower room so quickly that i hit the hooks that hold our towels. these hooks rotate. i managed to hit the hooks so hard they bounced into my forehead, bounced back against the door, and swung back to a stop on my then-bruised forehead. at least i can see the humor in that ;)

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