Saturday, September 19, 2009

problem with living in small spaces: if someone has stinky feet, it's very noticeable.

today my roommate heard someone throwing up (we're next to the bathrooms - good for showers, bad for sound effects). she called down to medical, assuming the person was violently ill (not considering it was the second day underway and it was probably sea sickness). meanwhile, my other roommate was walking down the hallway and ran into austin, who was about to go to the bathroom. my roommate said, 'gosh, it sounds like someone's really feeling it!'. austin looked at her, turns, and gets sick all over the bathroom door!! then, he opened the door to go inside to get sick in the toilet, didn't make it, but does reveal that the person who's actually getting sick is no one else but...our doctor.

welcome to deployment :)

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LiLu said...

Hahaha! Irony is sometimes messy...