Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exxxcellent! Week one weigh-ins: 150.8. if i continue at this pace i'll be negative by final weigh ins!

Annnnyways, i'll tell y'all something very interesting...the boy that i went to vegas with a couple weeks ago is actually on deployment with us. he is a marine officer, so while it's totally legal and there's nothing wrong with the fact that we've dated a little, it's also not exactly the best thing to do before spending 7 months underway with someone you have to work with (albeit peripherally). it makes for some pretty awkward encounters as the navy side is all aware of his existence - a lot of them attended/heard about the pub crawl, so there wasn't really any suppressing that. his side, on the other hand, probably doesn't know - excluding the one creep-creeper who also came to the pub crawl that he worked with, i don't think any of the other officers know, and we both want to keep it that way because we don't want the really high up officers to know (if only because that means extra scrutiny and awkwardness). therefore, i really don't go out of my way to be very nice to him, and he's getting a little butt hurt! at the same time, i treat him like i treat any of my guy friends that i work with but hang out with outside of work - professionally! it's just pretty funny because our emails back and forth can get nauseatingly formal, because the creep-creeper is also their communications officer and can read all of his emails. oh, what a tangled web we weave...

annny-annnyways, i am re reading The Tipping Point. this book is fascinating! it has me obsessing over exactly what personality type i might best fit (if any - connectors, mavens or salespeople) and how i can apply that to my daily life and successful post-military career.

i've also been thinking about getting my real estate license once i get back to san diego. i think i'd make a pretty good real estate agent - i'm very aesthetics focused, i am very passionate about promoting something when i think that it's great, i love meeting new people and sharing things with them, i love dressing up and strive to keep a nice personal appearance, i'm intelligent and enjoy accomplishing things, but...i'm not. that. organized. it's actually one of my goals to improve on during deployment. at the same time, one of the girls i work with on the ship has been really pursuing having me plan her wedding. it's obviously a really appealing idea to me - i love, love, love weddings. i love planning nitpicky little things and keeping up with trends and incorporating them with other people's ideas. their logic in entrusting such a big event with me is that my co-worker has seen me do a lot of event planning and it would be my first wedding, thus being mutually beneficial. i get the opportunity to 'try' with someone who understands that there isn't the most experience in this field (as i'm not even married), she gets excellent work at what will be a very discounted price as i haven't really any reason to charge her the fees of an experienced professional. both ideas are pretty exciting :)

whelp, it's time to go record a little snippet about events taking place in our next liberty port that will be played on loop on the televisions all day long...lovely.

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theluckiestmrs said...

Whoah! 8 pounds down? That's crazy, and I need to be doing what you're doing! Share your secrets, sparkles & sundresses! Share! ;)