Friday, March 22, 2013

shopping small and supportively!

i am a SUCKER for daily shopping badly that i have to blog about them and unsubscribe so i stop buying something every day! without further ado:

Bourbon & Boots features locally hand crafted, small business goodies - everything from gently loved cowboy boots to delicious bourbon marshmallows and amazing license plate koozies.  they send daily/weekly/whatever emails to let you see their newest additions and they're all sooo wallet tempting!

Daily Grommet is also super cute, except i've fortunately only found it to be cute in theory.  still haven't found anything i want to buy there. 

unfortunately, i've found wayyy too much lifeguard press lilly stuff...i already have a fun-brella (lilly) a work umbrella (black) and i live in san diego.  three reasons why i DON't need this:
but i really want it!! i love the chiquita bonita print!! i already have the market tote and it is SO cute! 

so, weighed in at 153.8 again this disheartening :p but if i'm honest with myself, i've been following wheat belly to the letter of the law in that way where you know you're following it but you're not quite following the heart of it...long story short: i had cookies and ice cream for dinner last night.  but it was all wheat/gluten/rice/oat/etc. free!  totally within the boundaries!!  POUNDS WHY AREN'T YOU MELTING OFF?!!?!