Wednesday, March 13, 2013

new job + new diet = new me?

another day as a naval officer means another abrupt change in my job.  i'm back to engineering, so no more executive department head for me.  instead, i'm an assistant to the chief engineer...but there already is an assistant to the chief engineer...but i am two ranks ahead of him, so...what am i!?  

  • saturday consisted of a cardio workout and bootycamp
  • sunday consisted of sleeping until 2pm and then getting out of bed for a few hours only to go to sleep again at 8
  • monday consisted of TONS of push ups, a brief run, and 45 minutes on the elliptical
  • tuesday consisted of a cardio workout and bootycamp
  • today will consist of more cardio and then some 12 oz curls...aka happy hour with my college roommate!  the bf is being sweet enough to drop me off so i can be a little generous with myself and the margaritas ;)
 how cute and amazing is this picture? it's my grandfather and grandmother on their wedding day in their native ireland! i went to ireland this new year's with one of my best friends and we spent a week at the gorgeous ritz-carlton at powerscourt (about twenty minutes outside of dublin).  it was freezing, but the people were SO welcoming and friendly and the experience was incredible - we did it through a groupon, so if you're considering doing a trip package with them, i'd totally recommend it!

i'm taking the day off work tomorrow to take care of my to do know, mani/pedi, figure out wtf is going on with my HOA, figure out wtf is going with my finances, clean out my car, clean up my house...i am going to be super efficient since i work all day saturday!!! (if i say it to myself enough, it comes true, right?)

maybe i'll even go for a run, so i can comfortably sign up for a race! and by that i mean a 5k.  and by race i mean fun run:
finally, i think i'm gonna buy a crock pot today and experiment tomorrow - 
i'm currently checking out these recipe sites and i'm minorly obsessed:
nom nom nom :)


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