Thursday, March 21, 2013

workout clothes, diet fails and scale triumphs!

so, i figured i'd check back in to update...myself, evidently.  my weight yesterday morning was 153.8  i am neither surprised nor unsurprised, disappointed nor pleased...i pretty much look the same but am always hoping for a freak ten pound weight loss, so here we are. 
the scale triumph is a small one, but a triumph nonetheless: it has nothing to do with my weight and everything to do with my discovery that my new scale weighs 2-3 lbs higher than my old scale!  BF got on one and got on the other (cause i wasn't about to weigh myself in front of HIM!) and went back and forth and one scale consistently weighed 3lbs higher than the other!  he did it again the next day and there was a 2.6 lb difference! who knows what it is, but it's definitely important to consider that there may be a discrepancy when purchasing a scale.
the GREAT news is i had one little butt cellulite dimple and it is GONE due to bootycamp! if anyone else has that problem where they get fat underneath their butt but it's not a slope butt but it's still bigger around their thighs, go. to. bootycamp! i go 2-3x/week and i have been SO pleased with my soreness and progress!  
i've also picked up the book "wheat belly" and have consequently been cutting wheat, rice flour, rice, corn and potato based foods out of my diet.  good news: as all of the reviews say, i am actually really full all the time! bad news: i have not lost any weight and have been pretty groggy.  it's only been two days, though!  if i'm going to be completely honest (and why not?!), i haven't actually cracked this book open. at all. instead, i went to the website and read the quick and dirty tips and i've been following those!  i put the book down somewhere (i'm assuming in my house) and i haven't picked it up since haha :) oops!
the worst part about the book is definitely the delicious looking bagels on the cover...whose idea was that!?
somewhere in all of this research, i was also lead to the amazing healthy home economist ... so many tips on healthy foods that aren't really healthy, how to read nutrition labels, etc.! talk about a great resource!

i've also been on the constant quest for more adorable work out clothes and i'm ECSTATIC to show what i found at nordstrom rack:
adorable built in sports bra tops that look like this one and have a little give around the waist!! just what i want while i'm working to get rid of my 'wheat belly'!  they're only $24.95 at the rack and they're still available on the marika site for $52!

finally, cause we all know i can't go a whole post without truly buying something indulgent, i'm OBSESSED with say hay gifts on etsy!  look at all of her cute lilly stuff!!!


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