Monday, March 11, 2013

maxi dress obsession and victoria's secret binge

so, as per usual, i've been shopping.  i've also been thinking about my weight - par for the course.  unfortunately, i think i've finally reached the opposite side of the dreaded fence: my body confidence is too high!  i've spent too much time reading pro-body love articles, loving on my thighs and thinking that my curves are kim kardashian like, not just kind of squishy and not really proportionate.  the fact is, i have thin limbs and a not particularly large frame.  i could definitely support being 20 pounds thinner, but my goal is currently to lose 14 pounds.  i had a very indulgent week last week and weighed in at a whopping 155.6.  I haven't been that high since late last year (when i met my boyfriend) which doesn't help - he met me at 158 and liked me then, so he's not pulling a scott disick to kourtney kardashian:
Scott: "Last time around you tried to watch what you were eating, after you had Mason... at least you were losing weight."
Kourtney: "
You are so crazy. I'm trying to do it the healthy way."
Scott: "Just do it faster...
If I would have fell in love with you a couple of pounds overweight, this would be my ideal weight, but I fell in love with you when you were super skinny."
 fortunately, my boyfriend is no scott disick.  unfortunately, the below still holds true and while my weight is yucky to me, if i'm honest to myself it's my size that bothers me more.  i'm a big fan of showing off skin, but i've felt jigglier and yuckier since i was at my comfortable weight of 142.  besides, if this isn't initiative, what is???:

on what i'd like to think is an unrelated note, i've been super into maxi-dresses this year.  i used to think they were dumb-why wear that much fabric? now i love them, probably because as my boobs have "grown" it's become less cute and more hoochie mama to wear a tiny top and short shorts!  i'm super excited for this gorgeous dress to come in the mail - i ordered a medium in the longer, 39" hem length so i'll let you know if it's a good length for 5'8 curvy girls ;)

victoria's secret maxi bra top dress, $69.50 sale: $55.60! i picked carbon; i think it will look so pretty with a tan!
lest i hide out in maxi dresses all summer and avoid my weight loss goals, i also picked up an adorable bikini - I ordered the top in a Large and the bottom in a Medium; i'll post to update how it fits: 
Victoria's Secret bikini: $33 and $16

i'll take a before pic sometime this week after a weigh in and then i'll make sure to update my blog as i continue on my never-ending weight loss journey!

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