Thursday, March 14, 2013

first weigh in!

so, it's been...three days? four? since i weighed in previously, and i weighed in this morning.  my period's supposed to start tomorrow so i'm trying to cut myself some slack about being high in general, but boy is this a bummer!  
first weigh in: 153.6
i'm actually just fine with that!  yesterday was my rest day from working out and i went to happy hour with my college roommate, who i LOVE.  we shared an order of edamame and one roll at Ra sushi and it was SO good!  i am not even a traditional sushi fan (give me fried and covered in sauce any day) and it was amazing! 
in other, really annoying news, i ordered the wrong damn maxi dress so when it came yesterday (SUPERfast shipping!) it was too short!  i ordered a small, which, i guess even in the "long" length, isn't actually that long.  so it ended up looking like this:
if mine was blowing around in the wind like that it would show my knees!  i also should have ordered a medium to fully cover my boobs.  oh well, you live, you learn!
besides, as i chose to remind my bf, we all lose/gain weight at different rates [keep in mind he just thinks (or at least pretends to think) i'm crazy about all of this so any discussion like this leads to a glassy look and lots of vague nodding] and that even his favorite celebrities aren't perfect.  i sent him a photo of celebrities without makeup that mocks up "without makeup" vs. "when we 'think' they are without makeup" vs. "with makeup", and he refuses to believe it. men.
 anyway! the point is, when people gave j.simp. a hard time, they had no idea poor kk was around the corner:
talk about thinspiration!  if it can happen to someone who's paid to look good, what hope do the rest of us have? 
diet time!!! here's my yummy lunch:
italian herb flat out wrap: 130cal
tyson's southwest seasoned chicken: 110cal
lettuce/microgreens/pea shoots/grapes: 15cal
zesty honey mustard: 15cal
super filling delicious healthy fresh lunch: 270 calories!


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