Friday, March 1, 2013

kate spade sale = retail therapy!

sooo, my dad called me the other day and had a talk with me about my spending (keep in mind i am 100% financially independent - they are just extremely good with money and want me to be responsible).  obviously, this pressure drove me straight to...retail therapy.  new additions:
"toutes les filles sont folles" kate spade idiom bangle (perfect salmon-y/coral color for spring and summer!)

"arm candy" kate spade idiom bangle (um...naturally)

"terry" kate spade canvas tote (how could i resist this, especially with summer coming? and my kate spade purchases were all sale purchases, with an extra 25% off cause of the "sale25" code - good till tomorrow!)

vera wang lavender royce peep toe booties...originally $350, currently selling on hautelook for $175...i got them at nordstrom rack for $75.  

see! how could my parents claim i'm irresponsible with money!?!?
...oops ;)


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Anonymous said...

You're BACK! This makes me verrrry happy!