Tuesday, March 12, 2013

before...and after. or not.

so, i took a before picture yesterday.  suffice it to say, that before picture is not getting posted until there is a healthy, impressive after picture to post next to it.  and even then...ugh!  here's an example *in clothing*.  personally i think i dress well for my weight so it is not nearly as noticeable as the bikini pic i took yesterday.  
that's me on the left - love lulu (natch) but don't love the size of my thighs! yay for bootycamp though!
SO as fitsp/thinspo/any kind of inspo, i have started reading these blogs and i'm loving them:

i also got a two year subscription to cooking light! i hope that it's good/i actually make the recipes.  i'm pretty disheartened-i tried to make soup this weekend but the directions never said to "stir" after combining the ingredients! wtf! so i scorched about 8 servings of soup, but since i am crazy i still kind of like it.  unfortunately, my boyfriend didn't :p domesticity - 1. alanna - 0. annnd then last night i tried to make super healthy chicken salad by using canned chicken (which in theory i think is revolting but in action i actually liked when i used it for my soup as per the previously mentioned disaster).  i bought tyson's brand instead of trader joe's because i was at the commissary, but when i used it and combined it with low-fat (not light) mayonnaise, it was the most disgusting fake tasting mush-mix i had ever tasted.  my boyfriend liked it. go figure.
here's the good news:
 here's the even better news:


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Laur said...

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