Tuesday, April 27, 2010

stella + dot & country concerts - the best!!

stagecoach was amazing - sugarland was SO good!  and notice my cute stella and dot necklace? i'm trying to make an effort to wear jewelry every single day and it's actually really fun!!
i saw the bounty hunter last week [with jennifer aniston] and 1) her body is crazy bangin'! and 2) she looks beautiful throughout the movie, and it's really funny.  tonight, i'm going to see kickass (obviously with a guy, yay haha) and i'm nottttt really looking forward to it.  i was supposed to go see the backup plan last night but ended up going to the casino instead...i made $13, woot woot!  this past weekend was HORRIBLE for operation not the fat friend btw...oh well, a new week, a new time to get skinny!!

also do you see the cute necklace? i love it and it was so simple and pretty and easy to wear!  it seriously looked great with all of my outfits - .  you can buy it here

besides that, am i horrible for admitting that i have spent all morning watching jerseylicious, basketball wives, true life: i'm a compulsive shopper (haha this one hit close to home), and what not to wear?

also date last night went well, didn't even make it to the movies, decided to go out and have drinks instead and keep having that talk about how it's weird that i've only been back ten days and we've already hung out so much!!  it's totally a good thing though - i really like him :) it was funny too because last night he had asked if i would be hungry, and i was like i don't know, maybe?  well it turns out he actually was cooking dinner, like he grilled salmon and made a citrus salsa verde...i, of course, had already eaten so i felt terrible!  oops...

so other sidenote, want to see something crazy?  the length of my hair in college and the length of my hair now:
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!?  haha that is crazy person hair!  but it used to be super short so i think i'm preferring this.

annnnyways has anyone see pretty wild yet?  it's on E or Bravo or one of those and honestly, i kind of really like it!  they seem like really nice girls, although they do seem a little entitled/overpriveleged.  i like that they pray :)  and YAY just got invited out on another date tonight...yay!  hahaha remember my post a couple of months ago that i was thinking i should get a boyfriend when i get back?  things may be working in my faaaaavor!!! yaya!


Allison said...

I'm kinda jealous that you saw Sugarland! and I love Stella and Dot jewelry... super cute! Glad that you are having a great time with your friends since you are back!

Tori and Chad said...

Oh my god, Alanna! I almost mentioned that I've gotten into Pretty Wild this morning when I blogged but I didn't want anyone to judge me.

Um, date?! Please email me for more info. Looks, job, etc. And please don't let that job be military. ;)

Also, on Sunday I was at Tarjay and I was browsing all the cute skirts and all I could think of was "Dear Diary, I'm fat! Sparkles!"

Are you coming to VA anytime soon or what?

And I really want to see The Bounty Hunter.

Virginia Belle said...

Sounds like you are having so much fun on your break! Super jealous of the Sugarland concert. Totally agree about Jennifer Aniston, so gorgeous!

California Wife said...

I'm so glad you had fun at Stagecoach! You were literally less than like 2 miles from our apartment, and I'm bummed we couldn't go. We had friends in town and they aren't country/concert people, so we had to miss out this year, but can't wait to go next year. Maybe you'll go too, and we can meet up!

Marian said...

Sounds like you are having a fabulous time on land:) And your hair is super long. LOVES IT

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

welcome back...it's so nice to hear that you're having a great time!

Kelly and Sara said...

Glad you are having fun on your break! Just checked out Stella and Dot jewelry. Too cute! I am a newer blogger and am learning it is dangerous all the cute things people point out!