Saturday, April 3, 2010

OMG SPA WEEK!! and homecoming ;)

amazing things about this week:
1) so i had a totally bummed out couple of days...went through the whole, "i am so fat, how will i fit in with my friends when i get home and we go out and i am alone and unwanted?" and i started 
operation not the fat friend
during which i worked out twice a day and counted calories.  this lasted for four days, until i worked out one time one day, and the next day not at all, and now i'm back on to once a day (with only one day off, yay!) but we are unfortunately out of 
fresh fruits and vegetables!
have you ever had canned asparagus?  don't.
but i got over my PMS-y hatred of myself, slapped on some sunless tanner and did some squats (immediate qud definition, right?!) and white strips and feel back to my lusty self.
2) discovered mormon bachelor pad.  google it.  i have NEVER read a funnier blog because it is so. dang. honest.  they're totally anonymous so they write about what actually happens with the ladies they date. 
eta: for clarification, these guys are assholes, immature and probably poor examples of Mormon men.  I don't know any other Mormons (except the Boob Nazi) but the way they talk about and objectify women is truly in poor taste.  regardless, they're funny. 
3) fewer than 11 days until i'm home in san diego, and even fewer than that until i'm reunited with my family in hawaii!  so excited!
4) spa. 
incredible.  found out about it via prior fat girl because she got some free treatment (nice!! haha if only my blog were that successful....), but holy moly am i glad.  TONS of treatments are available from local spas for only $50 between the 12th and the 18th of April.  IT'S LIKE GOD KNEW I WAS RETURNING FROM DEPLOYMENT JUST IN TIME!  

my momma and i are already getting the pineapple and kiwi wrap at the Catamaran Spa...i'm just nervous about getting any massages or facials because i don't know how well a massage goes with a hangover, and i don't want to break out from an unnecessary facial, you know?  but is any facial really unnecessary heh?  example of what a STEAL this is, though?  that wrap is normally $115 and i'm only paying $50/person!
and i'm going to get a deep conditioning treatment and blow out at Gregorie's Spa in Del Mar . . . here's my logic behind this one: my appointment?  10:30.  Early enough in the day so it doesn't interfere with my plans, late enough in the day so it doesn't interfere with my hangover, and...
5) and now for my most recent purchases...i would say "oops", but we all know by now it's not an oops. it's an addiction.  hopefully it goes away when i get home and am embarassed by my consumerism.
1) Guess gold stilettos...I think these will be perfect for all of my longer little sundresses.
2) BB Dakota ruffled v-neck tunic-length know i love ruffles!
3) jack by BB Dakota ivory shift dress...
and i'm currently bidding on//hoping to win this adorable mock-two piece BB Dakota dress and BB Dakota halter dress!  i just can't ever get over how reasonably priced their clothes are for the cuteness level!
SO in response to all of you sweet beautiful AMAZING bloggers,

but is it okay to admit that I'm a teensie bit nervous?


The Boob Nazi said...

I have to say I'm disappointed in your recommendation haha. I'm sorry you discovered them through my blog. Ugh.

The Boob Nazi said...

Also, have I mentioned that I work at the VA hospital? It's such an awesome experience with all the vets. I get told some awesome stories.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Love the blog, you have a new follower Hi from Southern Mississippi I am Lisa The Bumpkin

Shelby Bukhenik said...

Hey not sure if I shouted out about being a new follower, but I am shelby @

I love all the purchases you cute! And I love a bargain. Congrats on coming home soon!

Tori and Chad said...

I was raised Mormon. Notice I didn't marry a Mormon boy? Most of them are like that.

Lauren said...

WAHOO!!! 10 days and counting.... you must be so pumped :) I'm excited for you.

Ha ha - ya right - you feeling fat? c'mon now, I would pay some good money to Dr. Christian Troy to give me your body :) But I know, anyone can have a 'fat' day, I suppose, so just keep on it - Lots of water (even if you can't have fresh veg), and let the Beast have her way with you every once in a while :)

And, BTW, have a fantastic time in Hawaii with your family, have a wonderful time at the spa, and have a drink for me at the bar.

Post lots of pictures from Hawaii - I've never been, so I need all the mental images I can get.

Mrs. Bear said...

You never claimed your giveaway prize!

Mc Allen said...

omggggaw, operation "not the fat friend" baaaahaaaa. I lol at that statement! I want in on that too, Im tired of being her! You go girl and nice spa treatments. I need me a massage! xoxo LA

Taj Acosta said...

Hope you have an amazing time in Hawaii my favorite place on earth! xoxo

Fashion Meets Food said...

man I would love some spa loving right now!


Masked McKenna said...

Yeah.... if they're really boys and not just fictional characters too old married guys are writing about, then they're really not very good guys.

And now you have two new Mormon friends :p

SO JEALOUS of your spa week. Good luck with Operation Not the Fat Friend (shouldn't be too hard, you look so cute!)

College Prepster said...

Hi there!!!! You won my KJP giveaway!!!

head over to my blog:

Melissa said...

hey, I just recently opened a new Mom's blog, at

I need followers!! Please follow me! I have 2 giveaways up already, and lots more sponsors have already said they're sending stuff that will be on the site soon, please follow me, and enter my giveaways thank you!

DSS said...

Spa = LOVE! I hope you get to spend some much deserved time in one (or two).

PS...I've left you a little surprise on my blog ;)

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

We're not THAT bad.

Ok, maybe.