Thursday, April 22, 2010

dear diary, i'm fat. sparkles!

so being back has been AMAZING!  thank you all so much for all of your support and encouragement - in response to datin' kait (who along with masked mckenna writes a totally adorable female mormon dating blog [you'll see it's way more chaste then my loves at mormon bachelor pad...also can you tell that i'm obsessed with mormon people now?  my other fav mormon blog is the boob nazi]), i decided to join the military because my parents encouraged me to (my dad is retired), it was a full scholarship to a $40k/yr. university, i have a stellar job and i get to work with amazing people from all walks of life.  it's also basically the best leadership opportunity you could ask for - how many other fresh out of college people are handed fifteen people and told to have them 'do their work' despite the fact that you have no clue what that is (i had a communications degree and was placed down in engineering)?  it's a great job, honestly.

annnyways, y'all will die...LOOK at what i came home to:
my incredible best friends wrapped every. single. thing. i ordered in pink wrapping paper, filled my room with pink balloons, rose petals and a "welcome home princess alanna" sign!  aren't they so sweet?!

all this was after spending a fab few days with my mama, daddy, little bro and little sis in hawaii:
haha as you can tell, my hair had gotten CREEPY long over deployment!  so when i got back i went to a cutie new stylist who i developed a total girl crush on and we cut off four inches.  thank baby Jesus, so necessary!

but the best part about getting back?  remember my amaze friend tim that i've talked about, the totally handsome helo pilot who made my time before i left so fun?  well he couldn't make it to the pier to say hi, and he couldn't make it to our little lunch afterward, so here's what he sent in his absence:
a huge, gorgeous, all-pink bouquet.  is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard of!?  it was in the back room and they pulled it out when we got there!  that's my best friend becky on my left, my old roommate [and good friend] rachel as the other brunette, and my best friend christina on the right.  p.s. do you recognize that adorable abercrombie dress?  SO fun I wore it twice!

so i've been celebrating after i got back, nonstop.  reunion dinners, baseball games, going out every girlfriend joined us for a sunday funday brunch and she looked fantastic, and told me she was doing spin classes at 24 Hour Fitness.  i love 24 hour, it's SO convenient to be able to go whenever, so i had planned on rejoining when i got back anyways.  well i get there and the guy sells me on a personal trainer.  fine. i'd wanted one of those anyways. 

so yesterday i go in for my first meeting, and we have to do weigh ins.  i'm embarassed to tell y'all how much i've gained since i got back.  i weighed in at 149.  149!  i wasn't even in the fit section of their little body chart, i was in the 'acceptable' section!  i'm like i'm supposed to be having the best summer of my life and i'm scared of the scale!? absolutely not!

so i'm motivating myself right now - watching the 40 biggest celebrity slim downs while i finish this long awaited post and getting ready to go to the gym and finish my first assignments!  haha hence the blog of the comedians was teasing about tyra banks having a food diary and said,
"what does she write?  dear diary, i'm fat! sparkles!" 
i also picked up some great new sneaks yesterday at nordstrom rack [love] and got some gorgeous new Pumas and a pair of Nike's with that Nike + in it...does anyone use it?  i'm tempted to buy the whole kit thingy!  so i'll be back to blogging, back to serious dieting, and hopefully back to goal weight (which we've established as trainer thinks i can do it, and it'll be a good weight for me with my build) in no time flat!  love you girls and can't wait to catch up with you!  sidenote: i'm aiming for about 1400 calories a day, so it's 1:20 and i've eaten a weight watchers egg mcmuffin (210c.), an alternative bagel (100c.) with a laughing cow light cheese wedge (35c.) and a large banana (120c.). 
is it just me or should fruit have no calories?!

and can't wait to let y'all know about Stagecoach [this weekend]...and the fact that i'm going to be someone's date to a weddingggg...not only my second wedding ever, but the first one i've ever gone to as a date!  haha i can't wait to start shopping for an outfit!  can we just add that i still haven't OPENED all those damn boxes so i also can't wait to post about the great giveaways i've won from our fellow bloggers!?


Allison said...

I love your welcome home banner and that your friends wrapped all your orders! Cute ideas!!

Lindsay said...

oh gosh that's so cute she wrapped everything for you, such a fun idea. what a good friend. :) welcome home!! (love the abercrombie dress!)

Kristen Kelley said...

Welcome home! That's so cute how your friends wrapped everything!

Patriotic Princess said...

Awe...sooo fun! And welcome home! Love nordstrom the pink presents...loove the dress, and LOVE the flowers...SO PRECIOUS!!!

Have fun! xoxo.

***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

Girl you have been busy, busy, busy!!! I love that your friends did that for you!

You are not looking "fat" at ALL! You look great! Enjoy being home! :)

The Boob Nazi said...

Aw, thanks! I feel so special. And I love the welcome home stuff! (So specific)

The Redhead and her Pooch Lola said...
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The Redhead and her Pooch Lola said...

Yay! Welcome home and oh my gosh all of those pink presents...whats inside!!!??!!!

Shelby Bukhenik said...

Welcome home and good luck with the gym and working ur bum off!!!

Mrs. Bear said...

Welcome home!! I love that your friends wrapped alll of your stuff! How exciting to unwrap it all and pretend like someone bought you a bajillion amazing gifts =0) So I totally don't believe you weigh that much... you look absolutely teeny tiny in your photos! And that A&F dress is adorable - I am so mad I didn't snatch it up when it was on sale last month!

Trish said...

Welcome home honey! What a fabulous way to come home - your girlfriends are so sweet. Glad you have such a wonderful support network between family and friends! And I agree, fruit should have no calories, vegetables too!! Great to hear from you!

Taren said...

yay mormons! :)

and welcome home!

Fashion Meets Food said...

What a cute way to come home!!!! Coming home to a pink room doesnt get much better!


Kelly Marie said...

What a nice way to come home!! Your friends are so cute (: I hope you have SO much fun opening them and I'm glad you are back!!