Thursday, March 18, 2010

summer steals, pop tarts, peanuts and doublebooking...

i slept for sixteen hours last night.  i'd worry that there was something wrong with me, but it was AMAZING!  and i drank four four diet cokes in the last six hours, so i am EXCITED about all of that sleep! haha given how awake i'm feeling now i'll never be able to sleep again, though...which means i went on a mad commenting spree, so check all of your blogs and old posts because i have been sitting at the computer for oh...five straight hours now? hence having eaten only peanuts and pop tarts today.  while thinking about working out (thinking counts, right?)
SO i've decided to center my blog around Texts From Last Night...i know, this site is a little much for most of my preppy blog friends, but i LOVE it!  

(704): Wearing these hooker shoes was a mistake
 Nordstrom BP Lacie Pump
SO CUTE, right? and it's like $34.90 or something ridiculous like that!  please note that the sides are actually lacie!  why am i even looking at right now when i get home in less then a month?  because i have a problem. everyone knows that, so whatever. and besides, it's TRIPLE REWARDS POINTS TIME!! until the 21st!  
i mean...i could just try it all on and return it, couldn't i?
 1) echo stripe one shoulder dress in turquoise 
2) lush empire waist dress in black ($19.90)
3) lush empire waist dress in charcoal ($19.90)

(305): I like waking up with a slight hangover cause I'm dehydrated and it makes me feel thinner.
ty to tori from tori and chad for the best part of waking up award!
The guidelines are: "The best part of waking up..." award is awarded to the 5 bloggers that you're most excited to see have posted when you log into your dashboard/google reader/ whatever. Yes, only 5! If you're always checking someone's blog to see if they've posted, they deserve this award!"
ohmygosh, this is too difficult and i'm too amped to be decisive right now.  basically, if i comment on your posts psychotically, it's either because a) you post WAY too much and are always at the top of my dashboard (ha!..kind of) or 2) you and i are basically long lost sisters and kindred spirits (the majority of y'all, and especially tori...she knows because i go NUTS on her blog and comment on everything....wayyy too much).  so steal the award if you like and put it on your blog - without you guys and your posts i wouldn't have anything else to distract me at work!

(847): Women are like Alzheimer's patients. You can compliment them a million times in a day, but the next day is always a wash, you have to start all over.
true.  hence the problem of a 'fat day'.  you can't actually be that much fatter then you were the day before, but Lord it feels like it.  which is why i've decided to adopt Fashion Meets Food's rule: 
.no more eating in front of tv or computer.
so if you think i'm snacking while i comment on your post? you'd better message me ASAP and tell me to stop! i need accountability, people! (uhhh the pop tarts and peanuts??)
and btw, she's doing an AMAZE giveaway for her birthday, so check out her blog - she's also very cute and funny!

(517): On my way home from Vegas. Just realized my pants are inside out
oops. so our return date got pushed back by five days, meaning i'd return the wednesday before my trip to las vegas with becky and christina.  [have i mentioned it yet? ummm, lazy river @ mandalay bay for three days? yeah...]
BUT it turns out my family had made plans to stay for five days after meeting me at the pier!  that was their original plan, but when got pushed back, i figured there was no way we could do it.  unfortunately, they thought that i was well aware they were committed to spending five extra day with me no matter what the US Navy had to say about it!  so i am ecstatic they'll be staying with me - i haven't seen any of them in seven months, my baby sis is about to go to college, and my little brothers are growing up like crazy.  and really?  
i need someone to help move my things from my storage unit.
shameless, shameless, shameless.  bahaha did i mention free dinners?
of course this is a joke, there's nothing i can't wait for more then a hug from my mommy (and a 'good job' from my daddy...and air kisses from my besties...) so becky and christina were sweet enough to understandingly resched our trip.  thank you!! and i get to see my family in less then 30 days!! 

(773): so I'm never txting u again after today...
(248): y?
(773): cuz i don't wanna see it on blogspot :)
(248): ha...too late
finalllllllly, check out these blog contests:
taylor @ the undomestic momma is having a stella & dot giveaway - as a stella and dot independent stylist myself, i'm always a fan of supporting other stella and dot girls!
southern momma is having a 100th post giveaway
proof that it's worth entering all of these contest?  i won the jade earrings!  
thank you to amy @ our journey...together... 
eta: NO thanks to shopaholic in alabama, i just bought this ADORABLE bracelet from kjp . . . which i'd never heard of but am currently obsessed with (doesn't help that the designer is gorgeous.  probably gay, but still gorgeous):
 with the $5 off coupon code you get for signing up for the email list? only $30! and i got to personalize it - my size, with my own pink button! yay!


Kinsey Michaels said...

hey girlie! ohmygosh, i am so excited i found your blog. i have been in search of more bloggers from the san diego area. i used to live there and am dying to move back (i'm based in the boston area).
haha you sound exactly like me when it comes to shopping! love all those cute dresses!!! i write a lifestyle blog featuring travel (yup.... including vegas), nightlife/martinis, and more. check it out when you have a chance :)


Fashion Meets Food said...

Lol I love text from last night! LOVE those shoes! I wonder if they come in pink I need some cute wedding ones!

Melissa said...

Your blog is such a tease, haha! It's 70-degrees outside for the first time yet this year, and your blog's reminding me of the lazy, hazy of summer that I LIVE for... yet I have to go into school for a MIDTERM today. Not cool!

A Wedding Story said...

omg your comment about swanky bakes just made my day!

Chelsea said...

You're too sweet. I tried to write you back but you don't have your email linked up to your comments, so... thanks for the comments on my blog! Love that striped dress. I think I'm going to be addicted to all things sailor this summer.

Oh well! There's worse things to be addicted to right?! =)

Anonymous said...

I am loving your text! I am also loving that one shoulder dress! sa-weet! Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway! I saw Lori's post to and I am loving those bracelets and that headband! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Just think 30 more days & you'll be able to catch up with the current gossip!

The Boob Nazi said...

I love the TFLN idea!

Also, I responded on my blog, but I'll do it here too:
That is why I don't drink! haha I would blurt out my every thought if I had a little alcohol in me.

Juliana said...

TFLN is a great idea--oh my could I have fun with that.

P.S. Have I told you I loved you yet? I do, I do. I need to go out to Cali again very soon.

Annie said...

I Love's one of my daily visits....I think that it is SO funny!!

Pink Champagne said...

I was so excited to log in this morning and have your comments waiting for me! (They don't show until I see them, but I get them so I think they are working fine - hopefully none are missing!)

Such an adorable post with the texts and pictures incorporated!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

oh I want to lay in the lazy river for 3 days!!!

C.G. the Foodie said...

I love Vegas! Enjoy the vacation :o)

Marian said...

Texts from Last night crack my shiat up!!! Whenever I'm bored, I take a gander and always get a few giggles!!!

Slumber Designs said...

One of each please!! The shoes are my favorite!

Tiffany said...

the purses are knock-offs... replicas

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

I cracked up reading your texts from last night. Can we please talk about how amazing Vegas is? Oh boy, as soon as I have this baby that will be one of my first trips that I will make... and you better meet me there! Haha! I have missed catching up with you... I feel like I have been a bad bloggy friend. Oh and might I add how precious your new picture is! Love it. Congrats on your award too! Have a great weekend... please update me as to what you do, especially if you drink... since I won't be doing that for a LONG time... and I MISS IT! haha! :)

hot pink leopard and pearls!! said...

omgggg...I am sooooo in love with texts from last and my roommates read it together and we are like crying we are laughing so hard is hilarious!!! I also..seem to love clothes and jewelry..accessories..and anything as much as you do...I also love when you comment on my blogs..thank you!!! Hope you are having a fabulous day girlie!!!!!

Trish said...

Hi sweetie! Found you via Vineyard Vogue and am happy to be a new follower! TFLN is THE BEST! Loving those shoes and the one shoulder dresses are HOT! :) Happy weekend!

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

i bet the time is just dragging by for you. it always does when you're on your way back from a deployment. Vegas sounds great! i'm so excited for you. I love your taste in clothes!

Tori and Chad said...

You're ridiculously cute.