Wednesday, March 24, 2010

getting maced, b/c i love to love you baby...

things i'm loving right now...
a) i got OC sprayed today and i survived.
what's OC spray, you ask?  according to Wikipedia,
"Pepper spray, also known as OC spray (from "Oleoresin Capsicum"), is a lachrymatory agent used in riot control, crowd control, and personal self-defense, including defense against dogs and bears.  Although considered a less lethal agent, it may be deadly in rare cases.  The effects of pepper spray include temporary blindness which last from 15-30 minutes, a burning sensation of the skin which last from 45 to 60 minutes, upper body spasms which force a person to bend forward and uncontrollable coughing making it difficult to breathe or speak for between 3 to 15 minutes."
so after getting sprayed directly in the eyes, you then have to go through a course that involves putting people into armholds and battling them with batons (padded, given that this is for 'training' purposes)
lovely, right?  i don't think i've sobbed that hard since the end of bride wars.
eta: for clarification, the concept behind us getting pepper sprayed is so if/when we need to use it as a form of self defense (during an anti-terrorism/force protection event, or in the case of riot control (think protestors gone crazy), which has the potential to be a problem in foreign ports, or in situations where someone may be trying to storm your post, etc.) you need to know exactly how 'down' your attacker will be after being sprayed with pepper spray, one of your forms of hard control.  all of my fellow officers who carry weapons have been pepper sprayed in the past two days.
b) i qualified 9mm!  small picture because i know guns probably scare some of y'all, but yay!  i have to either carry a gun when i'm on watch or someone else has to carry it for me, and it's always been a sensitive point what a bad shot i was...not anymore!
and now, the good, non-work related stuff
c) alexis bittar!  i am SO loving lucite right now and i am DYING over these:
sherbet colors, rhinestones? amaze.  both available at Nordstrom!
d) the supportive commenter award from my love, previously plump!
to pass on to ten people who give me supportive comments? gosh, everyone who comments is incredibly sweet and appreciated!  i could seriously go through my last dozen posts and pull out the most frequent commenters, but i think it's pretty obvious because i have great back and forth dialogue with most of y'all!  love my blog friends!!
e) fornash. why had no one told me about this website before? everything is even reasonably priced!
gecko bangle:
starfish bangle and cluster necklace:
enamel ring and starfish ring:
f) Sally over at Everything is Better Pink tagged me with this fabulous Socialite Tag:

Lord is it long, though, so no pressure if you skip this part ;)
rules: Repost the button on your blog, answer the questions, and pass onto 10 bloggers you love!
1. Who is your style icon? Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad always look STUNNING in reality, but on TV? you know I love Blair Waldorf, maintainable or not.  i just love lots of LEGS!
2. What is your favorite socialite lit book? obvi Social Climbers shoutout (because Beth is a sweetie), but i really love anything fairly vapid and trashy.  is that bad to admit? i think the bada$sness of letters a) and b) cancel it out, oui?
3. Favorite party theme? JUNGLE! or business guys and trophy wives...yes, i enjoy many a themed barcrawl.
4. Go to Halloween costume? german beer girl!  hahah i think it's been four years running?
 5. Extravagance you cannot live without? makeup.  doesn't sound extravagant unless you're a girl on deployment, in which case everyone thinks you're crazy.  um, the 'real' business world, would any of you show up bare faced? no! that's like an episode of What Not To Wear waiting to happen! 
6. Living person you admire? my momma and daddy! 27 years in april and they STILL smack each other's bums when they're cooking dinner!
 and my best friends becky and christina - becky because she showed me that it's very okay to be a makeup loving, stylish girly-girl while in the military, and christina because she showed me that it is very okay to be stunning, put together, accomplished (with a private practice, masters degree, and a LOUIS!) and happy, all completely independent of having a boyfriend.
7. Greatest Fear? bahaha getting OC sprayed again?
8. Trait you deplore in yourself? i love gossip...and i can be quite catty if provoked.  i like to attribute it to my biting wit and sharp sense of humor, but let's face it...sometimes i'm just a b!tch.
9. Which talent would you most like to have? i wish i could SING!  the one thing money can't buy...
10. Greatest Achievement? i like to think it hasn't happened yet :)
I am passing this fun tag onto the following socialites...

g) white. watches. mother f.  i cannot even DECIDE which one to buy, so, SHOCKINGLY, i am restraining myself until i get back from deployment so i can try these on!  they're all available at Nordstrom!  
or i could go with the always traditional (for me):

1) dkny crystal bezel jelly watch . $95
2) adidas cambridge watch . $75
3) ak anne klein square case watch . $55
4) marc by marc jacobs 'amy' watch . $125
5) swatch color codes watch . $50

less then two weeks until hawaii, and i ate my feelings (they were pain, pain and more pain) today, so tomorrow? back to the diet!  speaking of which, my final current love...
h) muscle milk light! it is like a chocolate milkshake! a legit chocolate milkshake, not a watery slimfast.  SO good, 195 calories a serving (two scoops) and definitely filling.  now i just need to start working out again. gag.
i) preppy girl meet's world's lilly pulitzer luggage tag giveaway!  if you venture over there, please let her know i (alanna @ sparkles and sundresses) sent you!
j) nautical by nature's lavender sachel giveaway


Marian said...

I think I'd eat my feelings after a day like that. I'd let my no-sweets for lent go right down the drain. Probably be in the fetal position with reese's peanut butter cup wrappers all around me and puffy eyes.

Or the thought that Hawaii is so close!! You'll have a lovely time there.

Previously Plump... in progress said...

pepper sprayed.... voluntarily..? You're nuts (j/k, I'm sure you didn't ahve a choice).

Yikes. I would have eaten a whole fridge worth of food after that.... I don't blame you :)

Now go.... put on the beast and show her whose boss. She gets cranky if you keep her in her cage too long :)

Dollface said...

Im still confused... why did you get OC sprayed?! is everything ok.... xxxooo

Annie said...

You seriously had to get pepper sprayed?! You are hard core girl....

Kelly Marie said...

The pepper spray training sounds so hardcore it's scary! CONGRATS ON THE 9MM girl, that's awesome! & I love all your answers..Blake Lively=my style icon, definitely!! White watches are so cute, but I'm not sure I could pull one off - let me know when you buy yours!!

Pink Champagne said...

Fornash - what a fabulous find! I LOVE everything I saw on the site.

PS - pepper spray? Eeek! You are one brave girl. :)

mama faith said...

Love the name of your blog! So cute! You were the 5th stop on my 6 degrees of blogging tour! I'm also a new follower! ;)

Taj Acosta said...

Wow pepper sprayed does not sound fun doll! But glad you made it thru! Love the starfish! Pretty! xoxo

Kristin said...

You are hard core lady! Have you checked out the jewelry at Target recently? They have a line that looks just like those goodies!

Ali said...

GET IT GIRL with that 9 mm qual!!!! I've heart that about pepper spray and stun guns- I mean it makes sense if you're using them to know what kind of damage they do! LOVE the watches! I have my heart set on a Kors white over sized watch! PS you're SO CUTE LOVE THE AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Tori and Chad said...

I totally was like "Aw, look she qualified!" to Chad. Even he cocked his eyebrow out of admiration. Get it girl!

And gracias. That'll be a fun survey.

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

I love how you transitioned from the hard core military stuff to all the cute girly stuff. Makes me laugh. I hope I never have to get maced. I might just cry!!!

C.G. the Foodie said...

Congrats on qualifying to carry!

JMay said...

That's crazy girl, so interesting reading it though, haha!

M.L.G. said...

Thank you, sweetie!

Masked McKenna said...

Pepper sprayed? I love the fact that you can talk about pepper spray and really girly things in the same blog.