Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hot for home...and summer...and forever....

so i had this brilliant plan to be terribly thin and absolutely gorgeous by the time i got home from deployment...now that there are less than thirty days left, i think i'm just going to have to stick with absolutely gorgeous and give up on terribly thin.  and by absolutely, i mean 'artificially' gorgeous.  we're in Japan, land of the crazy beauty treatments and but instead of going shopping for things to use, i can barely move.  seriously, it's cold enough for a little bit of this:
unfortunately, as i'm single and on the longest work trip ever, there will be none of that.  thus, i have to prepare for my return (hopefully guaranteeing at least some of that), and SO, i'm stuck with what i brought onboard.  so far i've put the following into my repertoire:
1) redken all soft heavy conditioner - haven't noticed a difference but it does smell nice - i style my hair approximately once a month though so i'm not sure i even would notice a difference.
2) jergen's natural glow daily moisturizer - um, i like it on my arms, never notice it on my upper body, and find that it can streak or leave weird wear marks from working out etc. on my legs.
3 & 4) latisse - so excited, i've been using it for about 12 days now, expect (hope) to see results in about a month...becky and christina both used it and their lashes are BEYOND phenomenal
5) listerine whitening vibrant rinse pre-brush rinse - okay, this is weird, but the first time i used it, i noticed my gums were really sore after about three days and eventually they started bleeding (gross, i know!! sorry!).  well i went to the dentist, who logically suggested i stop using it and switch to a soft brush.  now, months later, still using a soft brush and decided to reincorporate the rinse...love it!  no teeth pain!  i can only think that a medium brush exacerbated the effects and forced it into my gums or something intense like that...
6) crest premium plus whitestrips - these need no introduction.  they're probably the best beauty introduction since their invention.  i firmly believe that extremely white teeth are one of the best assets someone can have, and can serve to improve someone's appearance dramatically.  if you don't believe me, PLEASE just bleach your teeth once and you'll see!

am i missing anything?  i'm looking forward to stocking up on a little VS Love Spell when i get home, and i'm thinking of picking out a new signature scent that guys. love.  so far love spell is the only one that consistently gets compliments from EVERYONE.  any other suggestions?  any other getting ready for summer things y'all do that i should pick up before my return to the states?

also, got my abercrombie order...YAY everything FITS!  the bad part?  
was a HORRIBLE mistake.  i thought i'd take a chance because i love bows, but WOW it is WEIRD!  
and if anyone else is ordering from A&F or Hollister as per my last few posts...warning, their clothes are JUST as short as they look.  now i'm pretty tall (5'8) and all legs, but i think that means if i had a longer torso they'd be even shorter since they'd have my whole torso to cover!  now there's just tons of leg showing...i don't mind, but i would have liked to know that i'd need to invest in a couple pairs of full coverage boyshorts beforehand.  
xox from freezing Japan!


Tori and Chad said...

First of all, I left you an award on my blog.

Secondly, you're gorgeous. Fitting into A&F is quite a feat in itself.

I prefer the Aquafresh Whitening Strips. Did you get a prescription for Latisse? You need an RX in the US to get it but my friend Brittany is an estician and she uses Revitalash and she swears by it. But you do HAVE to be careful to apply it as closely to the lashes and not the lid itself as all of those products will stain your eyelids. Just a heads up!

Kelly Marie said...

Agreed you are gorgeous! & kudos for fitting into A&F - that has to mean your thin!!

Pink Champagne said...

I agree that white teeth are so important - I fully intend to bleach before the wedding day! As for a perfume that always gets compliments, I would recommend Lolita Lempika - you can find it at Saks, but it can be tricky to find sometimes (but well worth the search). Stay warm in Japan lovely!

Virginia Belle said...

I cannot wait to hear how Latisse works for you. My eyelashes are non-existent so I should definitely use it too! I'm sure you will look fabulous for your return home :)

Dollface said...

that abercrombie outfit is adorable!!!!! xxxooo

Annie said...

love spell DOES have something in it that attracts all of the boys...what is it?! I used to wear it adn got compliments ALL of the time...hmmmmmm.

Latisse!? What is it....I dont even know and I feel like I need it!!

Nishant said...

you do HAVE to be careful to apply it as closely to the lashes and not the lid itself as all of those products will stain your eyelids. Just a heads up!
work at home in india

Previously Plump... in progress said...

You're right. you are gorgeous. I still can't figgure out why some boy hasn't swept you off your feet... it boggles my mind.

ou, sorry the dress is crap - it looks so cute in the picture :) On the bright side - even though the clothes are short, at least you have the legs to rock them :)
My legs would look like two little sausages poking out the bottom (and that's assuming I could get any A&F clothes past my ankles):) Maybe one day I'll get away with wearing shorts and mini skirts.

p.s. thank you for the lovely comments - you always make me smile :)

Mc Allen said...

yes, I agree with Tori. I cant even get a leg in A & f!!! your blog is so cute and Im gonna go and check more of it out! :) xoxo LA

Abbie said...

Ditto the girls above...if you're wearing A&F, then you've got to be a tiny little thing!

I swear by Crest whitening strips! They are the best!