Friday, March 19, 2010

the price of beauty [seriously. it's expensive.]

please visit ben and tay over at the undomestic momma and offer your love and prayers - truly heartbreaking.
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so in honor of my beloved jessica simpson...
and her new tv show, the price of beauty, i've decided to ask myself (and you guys, bahaha, my captive audience) exactly what is inappropriate to risk for beauty (even if it's only your budget)?

xtreme lashes eyelash enhancers - incredible, hand applied by 'licensed' stylist individual lashes that give people crazy beautiful, natural looking lashes (by natural i mean that girl in class who you'd stare at sideways, jealously admiring the thick dark lashes that nearly swept her eyebrows). 
downside: EXPENSIVE and fairly high maintenance (about $200 for the first application, monthly upkeep between $50 and $100/mo.)
latisse - prescription eyelash formula, proven to make eyelashes grow naturally thicker, longer and darker with repeated use.  brooke shields is spokeswoman (if you've seen her ads in magazines)
downside: may [albeit rarely] have side effects like darkening of the lid (not permanent, said to go away if you stop use) or actual iris (evidently permanent)
rodial glamotox - according to the description:
Active daily moisturizer with muscle relaxing peptides with pomegranate ellagic tannin cell protection.
Glamotox™ combines daily hydration with wrinkle plumping agents and vitamins and it is a non-invasive alternative to surgery.
Micro-injected spheres fill the wrinkles, peptides relax expression lines, myrrh extract plumps up fat cells and vitamin C reduces age spots and hyperpigmentation.
according to Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad's makeup artist, Amy Nadine (click to check out her AMAZING, tip-filled blog...can't remember whose blog told me about it but it's AMAZINGly helpful), glamotox is "a cult favorite moisturizer that super hydrates and plumps up the skin, diminishing any fine lines." have skin like Whitney and Lauren's? may be worth it...
 downside: $125 and may not actually work at all. 
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i've also been thinking of investing in a sweet digital SLR camera for my return to san diego - talk about the ultimate way to improve your looks, buy a freaking better camera!!  ...any suggestions? currently looking at
the canon eos rebel XSi - my little sister, an uber talented photographer, is trying to sell me on this's crazy expensive but seems like an investment, you know?  and i may need to try and get her eye, too, before i make any major camera purchases - can you believe she's only 18?  she just got into VCU's art program - #1 art program in the country!
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you know what? maybe the best things in life are free.
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good luck cuppy cakes!! only a little more time left in japan, and then we're off to sweet, sweet san diego! but first a pit stop in...guess where:


Michelle said...

that blossom ring is so cute!

Kelly Marie said...

I definitely think cameras are a worthy investment! I've been scared to try the latisse because of the potential darkening side effects - let me know if you try it!!

Kinsey Michaels said...

aww I love San Diego! I'm super excited, I get to go back in a few weeks for a work trip.
Thanks so much for the super sweet comment on my blog. I actually use a digital camera, the Canon S3. It's a few years old, they have a newer version of it now, they came out with the S5, and now I think it's called the SX something or other. If you're in the market for a digital SLR though, take your sister's advice and get the Canon XSi! They sell it on Amazon for around $550 brand new with free shipping. I buy lots of stuff from there and have never had a bad experience! :)

Beth Dunn said...

I'm dying to watch that show! xoxo

Tori and Chad said...

I bought the Mark lip plumper a few years back and it works insane - my lips were huuuuge.

Also, I still want Jess and Nick to get back together. I miss Newlyweds! But her new show is dang cute.

P.S. Email me. We need to be facebook friends already.

Kristin said...

Thanks for mentioning our giveaway lady! And I've been pushin' for a Rebel for MONTHS!

Tiffany said...

every time i see brooke shields in that latisse commercial it just freaks me out. i don't know--i'm weird about putting something like that on my eyes. knowing me, i'd probably go blind or something.

Becca @ Lovely Yellow Ribbons said...

Jessica Simpson is my fave. I think she and I are BFF's. I just have to tell her.

We have a canon digital rebel.

Marian said...

Um...seriously, I'd give up almost anything for longer lashes. Yeah, for some reason my brother got the ridiculously long and perfect eyelashes. Come on now, who will he be batting his eyes at. Karmas a bitch;)

KAG said...

it was $40 - not bad at all. xoxo KAG

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Thanks for posting about my giveaway! Your the bestest! Hope you had a great weekend!

Mrs in Training said...

I just saw your comment. That is soo funny! I grew up going to high school in Fairfax County (Hayfield) and live in Prince William County now. I love it here :) Next time you're in the area, send me a message, and we can meet up for a drink!

Melissa said...

I'm watching Jess on Rachel Ray now, I adore her! And her new show... love it.

I just wanted to say that your comments on my blog always make me smile, so thanks for stopping by!

Ali said...

that camera takes AWESOME pictures! I'm thinking about purchasing a nice one too- however won't be taking it out to the bars/etc. I've broken 3 cameras due to alcohol in the past 2 years. FAIL.

Juliana said...

Hey you! Hope you had a great weekend. I am pooped from all the giveaway maddness last week and cannot believe I was crazy enough to keep these going for another week. So happy to be back to blogging.

OK--I am actually getting the extreme lashes for free!!!! I am going to be doing a review on them and am SO excited, I just about lost it! I will let you know if I like them!!!

Previously Plump... in progress said...

Oie. Skinny bitch pictures. Yes she's uber hot, but she does have me contemplating never eating again (well until I'm down another 60lbs). I need to post pictures of her in my fridge - not on the fridge, that won't do, they need to be inside the fridge so I have to move them out of the way to get food....

um, obviously a stop in paradise.... I should have done your job... the oportunity to travel - the one thing I've always wanted...

The price of beauty. hmmm, nip/tuck anyone? would I buy thinkess if I could? Probably, who am I kidding? I mean, c'mon now. I would also buy a night with Christian from nip/tuck - he's so yummy.

sorry, completely got off topic.... anyway, love the post babe - definetly get a camera - I also have to get a new one.... Maybe I'll tackle that this weekend.

Check my blog - I left you a little something :)


jean hsu said...

im going to be the only negative betty on here and say i THOUGHT i was going to do the whole photography thing too - got a canon rebel (not a digital one, though, as this was a few years ago) and NEVERRRR use it. plus its like BIG and you have to like CARRYYYYY it places. ok but if you do decide to get one, im sure it will still be super fun ;o)

i left you a little response back on my blog.

get back to san diego safely!!! :o)

Mrs in Training said...

Not gonna lie, I'd totally try the eyelash enhancers. BTW, I agree with your sister...a good camera is a great investment if you can swing it!

GUAMtastic said...

I think you should pitstop in Guam!! It's totally on the way from Japan to SD!!!!

Previously Plump... in progress said...

- The chick'n nuggest are a fantastic quick fix when you want to eat something "bad"
- Thinsation bars are great for that "something sweet" craving that I get... but they're too small (ha ha, that's my innner fat kid talking)
- Muscle milk - yum, I like it too, but you're right, it is kinda pricey... I have some at home, I use it for post workout/non blaoting dinner meal.

Sally said...

I gave you an award on my blog!