Tuesday, February 9, 2010

peanut butter, leopard new balances, top 2 tuesday...

i know exactly why i'm single...it's things like what i'm doing right now:
eating crunchy peanut butter out of the jar. 
with my finger.
and it's the bottom of the jar so my whole hand is peanut buttery.
...wait, it gets better:
it's my roommate's peanut butter.

ok, now that i've gotten that confession out of my system, are you ready to die rachel zoe style? [i definitely just got peanut butter on the keyboard.  sh!t.  now she'll be able to smell it [or sense it or something] when she gets back...i should have been more crafty about this]
LEOPARD PRINT SNEAKERS!!!! NINE WEST AND NEW BALANCE TEAMED UP FOR 2009 (yes, i'm behind the curve...forgive me, i LIVE ON A WARSHIP!) to develop amaaaaaazingly cute sneakers!! must. own. immediately!!

speaking of must own immediately, looking at everyone's wintery snow pictures reminded me that it is still winter, which had me looking at some winter weather jewelry, and i am really, really, really considering this gorgeous bib necklace - it's been in instyle, people, etc...
stella + dot natasha bib necklace  
and it's soo pretty and versatile and inevitably timeless...

and speaking of snow-envy, i decided to participate - here's my poor, northern virginian snow-bound home:

and that was before the 10-20" they were expecting today!!

before i forget, i want to add that the caveat to my peanut butter eating is that we're finally in a port, so i can replace my roommate's jar tomorrow and she'll never be the wiser! i am not of the 'steal food and don't replace it' variety, don't worry :D speaking of being in port, i hung out with these two hoodlums last night (and a third hoodlum, not pictured, in case you're keeping track):
i hear this morning someone making fun of one of them for getting in a fight...let's all laugh at the fact that i don't even remember said fight, and i was THERE!  it's like my drunk memories are stored in a different part of my brain...

ok, so my top two tuesday (jobs), a la Jimmy Choos and A Baby, Too:
realistically: i would love to laterally transfer and become a public affairs officer (possible now that i got my SWO pin!!)
not-feasibly: i would love to be a waitress!! i used to be a server at morgan run country club in rancho sante fe, and i loved it!  i love working in food service - you can fix every problem and there is always a way to make the customer happy!  the only problem is that with a paycheck like that, i was experiencing way too much "champagne tastes on a beer budget"

sidenote: got care packages today from my mom and cousin, very very thoughtful and if you know a girl on deployment, send her MAGAZINES! they are a hot commodity out here...the other most popular thing i received in my care package?  bacon salt! yes!!!!! thank you mom! slogan?  "everything should taste like bacon".  i wholeheartedly agree, bacon salt maker people. and i'm a vegetarian.

and finally, have y'all noticed everyone on facebook has a celeb pic up instead of themselves? i was like oh, lame trend, so dumb, blah blah...and then my best friends turned into britney spears and tara reid.  thus, i give you my drunken celebrity doppelganger (this is so sadly accurate that my mother sent me a facebook message that said, and this is a direct quote: "stop drinking. you look terrible." - very supportive, mom.  also you don't even recognize your own daughter?!!? or your own 'not' daughter?!)
and besides, i would never post such a hoochie bra showing picture if it was really me!! i tell ya! 
annnyways, i also wanted to thank sweet darling Kitchen Belleicious for my first award of February! 

thank you thank you thank you!  i am going to pass this award on to six lovely bloggettes:
(she and i are both named alanna, and we both have the sparkles in our blog titles...it's a sign!)

some of them have very small fan bases so far, so please check out all of their blogs - they're amazing and hilarious and i read them religiously, and they're totally over the top! (in the good way, obviously)

finally, check out these two giveaways:
short southern mama's lydia and pugs giveaway



Marian said...

Over from Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too...I was going to comment on your dream jobs but the fact that you were talking about peanut butter has now made us soul sisters. I love me some peanut butter...and straight from the jar only makes it better. Get it girl:)

Amanda said...

thank you! By the way - you look gorgeous in the hoodlum pic. They are two lucky dudes!

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Oh love this! Your drunken celebrity doppelganger...that is hilarious!

Dollface said...

Umm... you are not single because of peanut butter!! even engaged people (ahem) do that too, xxxoo

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

I {heart} crunchy peanut butter so so much! But I do for it by the spoonful! Fun sneaks! Ok so my sister is the #1 greatest girl on the planet and her facebook picture is Ozzy Ozborne, how is that for mocking this Facebook trend!

Mr. and Mrs. Stoneking said...

Loved your peanut butter story. It just cracked me up. Honestly, I'm with you on that... peanut butter melts my heart... so does chocolate, double cheeseburgers from mcdonalds, ice cream, brownies, cookies... I could go on forever.
Food is like one of the greatest things in life.. that includes.. peanut butter :)

Mrs. Bear said...

I used to steal my roomie's PB when mine ran out... by the handful as well =0)

By the way I got married in Destin, FL... and I am going to post the links to the other wedding recaps tomorrow =0)

Annie said...

Just popped over from Taylors...I used to be a waitress/bartender too and LOVED it! I loved going home with a wad of cash in my pocket...oh those were the days!! Then I had to grow up!

jean hsu said...

you are COMPLETELY too sweet for words!! ps - i OWN that stella and dot bib necklace!!!!! you should TOTALLY get it. that pic of u and the two trouble makes is too cute! looks like you are having FUN :o)

jean hsu said...

ps - oh boo i just tried to go onto my blog via ur blog and the link isn't working..grr.


Beth Dunn said...

You are too cute. I eat PB with my finger too. xoxo


Ali said...

aw you're sweet :)

I hope my roomie doesn't dig into my PB, because I definitely dip my fingers into the jar more than a knife ever does. even more embarrassing, once I start its like I can't stop so I really try not to buy it. I have NO self control.

LOVE the NB running shoes & the necklace!

where did you grow up in northern VA? D grew up in Springfield and my headquarters are in Crystal City so I'm down there a lot! we're expecting another 10-18 inches tonight. lets get real metro dc enough is enough!

Jen said...

Just found your blog - Love it! You have a new follower :)

Pink Champagne said...

That necklace is gorgeous! And confession: you are not alone. I didn't eat peanut butter for years, and after rediscovering it I too was caught with my hand in the jar (creamy though, not chunky). ;)

Tiffany said...

i've done similar things with cool whip--and before you think 'hey, cool whips kinda sexy' let me assure you that it was not.

thanks for stopping by and following--following you right back! you're blog's awesome!

The Redhead and her Pooch Lola said...

AWWW THank you! Love your blog as well! Thanks sweetie!

Iva said...

I eat peanut butter straight out of the jar too...its the best way ;)

Previously Plump... in progress said...

I think it's helarious that you mum didn't recognize that your profile pic wasn't you.... :)

kanishk said...

I love me some peanut butter...and straight from the jar only makes it better.

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Tori and Chad said...

You're adorable!