Thursday, February 4, 2010

dress disaster :(

...okay, disaster may have been a little dramatic, but still...SO bummed!  my favorite dress? the Rachel Pally one with the little flowers?  THE LAST ONE SOLD RIGHT OUT OF MY SHOPPING CART!  that is the last time i am patient and wait to buy something instead of just buying it when i want it!  this could have disastrous effects on my bank account, but i can't handle this heart ache ever again!  
consequently i will be be buying this sucker immediately:
Lilly Pulitzer Petula Dress in Limeade Coral Me Crazy 
pink and green, coral, jersey's like it belongs in my closet :) 
Under the Palm Tree is running a great promotion where if you buy 3 full priced items, they're all 50% off - for some reason their site won't load for me, so their amazing customer service is answering all of my questions via email while I fill up a shopping cart!

in a totally different direction, i think i'm going to pick up this jewelry today -

Stella + Dot St. Tropez Statement Cuff
It's so tough yet delicate, and I love the color - it will be gorgeous with my Mystic Tan when I get back!!  Hahaha this sympathy shopping I'm doing for myself because I missed out on an adorable dress is almost as fun as having the 'dream' dress.  I think I'll still get the one shoulder one if I pass my board tomorrow, though.

also, i've found that i'm super productive in reference to everything else (I'm in charge of my ship's Public Affairs and Morale, Welfare and Recreation) - i've published 11 photos this morning alone and planned the tours and hotel bookings for our upcoming port visit, two things i was putting off until i realized that there was something scarier (my board!) to put off! 


mFw said... is their website

Dollface said...

loving the cuff... xxxoo

alanna said...

yup! if you hover your mouse over their name I have a link that will take you directly there - same with hovering over Lilly Pulitzer and Stella + Dot...I like to make it easy for everyone else to shop so I feel less guilty ;)

Pink Champagne said...

Love the dress! Nothing like another piece of Lilly to soften the blow of one going out of stock. ;)

Mr. and Mrs. Stoneking said...

bummer about your dress! I hate when that happens.. and it has happened a lot to me before! I'm sure you will find something just as good, if not better.

Mrs. Bear said...

If that dress magically appeared in my closet... THAT WOULD BE AWESOME

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

I love that cuff, it's always fun to wear something a little bit different :)

Short Southern Momma said...

I have you a little something over at my place when you get a little time. XOXO

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Love the dress. I do that all the time, I wait and say i will buy this later and then its gone. I changed my plan a while back and now i buyy it when I want. I don't think my husband is super pumped about my plan but oh well! check me out if you get a chance would love to have you follow

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Oh that cuff! Beauty!