Monday, February 22, 2010

happy half birthday to meeee

happy half birthday to me!
happy half birthday to me-e-e-e
happy half birthday to me!!

...ahem, and check out/enter my beautiful earring giveaway if you haven't had a chance!

so in honor of my half birthday i went shopping on lulu's...i like to fill up my shopping cart with beautiful dresses, but i still haven't ordered anything because their return policy stipulates it must be returned within 30 days, and lord knows it takes 30 days to even GET anything out on this ship, much less return it!  without further ado, i give you my half birthday wishlist:

i can't wait to get back and wear beautiful teenie little dresses all the time!!! from first to last, these are:
buttercup baby dress
coast is clear dress (also love in purple)
lemon meringue
little sparkler
printed matters
most likely to succeed (front and back)

and although i love my giveaway the best (what can i say? i'm understandably biased), here are some other superfab prizes you can win:
Kitchen Belleicious' Lisa Leonard Jewelry Giveaway
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Everything is Better Pink's All Modern Tote Giveaway
Sarah Elizabeth's The Pretty Pearl Monogrammed Hangar Giveaway
Little Miss Southern's Rival Fondue Pot Set Giveaway

 and i can't weigh myself because we're rocking so much - good thing = i don't want to eat because i'm seasick, bad thing is i won't know what i weigh until we pull in to our next port!  i can't handle not knowing!!!


Ali said...

OMG. the blue stripe & green bottom dress is ADORABLE.

ps: did you get a friend requestttt? ;)

Marian said...

I love that grey one with the back. I actually was eyeing it up as well. Great minds think alike;)

Jane said...

Happy half birthday! Those dresses are too cute!!

EVF said...

I love the stripe with green bottom! It looks very Kate Spade-ish!

Kelly Marie said...

I love the white and flowers dress! SO cute!

Happy Half Birthday (:

Dollface said...

Loving the last grey one with the open back, swoon... there goes my heart and my wallet! xxxoo

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Happy Half B-Day to you! Thanks for following me and entering my giveaway. I am about to go check out yours below! Your newest follower!

Juliana said...

I L-O-V-E the last dress soooo much!!! Oh, I wish I was on a cruise! Have fun!

Previously Plump... in progress said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the lemon mirangue one (yello and white) - what I would give to look good in that come summer.

I sometimes wish I lived on a ship.... how fun would that be :)

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY!! And what great finds for you half birthday. I love each and every dress. It gets me so excited for warm weather too! Why do you tempt me with all these.... one day I will have to come to your hometown and we can go on a shopping spreeeeeee and splurge. :)

Pink Champagne said...

Happy, happy half birthday! They are all so cute, but my favorite is the blue and white stripe with green bow - adorable. Enjoy!

Annie said...

all SO cute...I hope that you can buy yourself a few SOON!!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

I cannot wait for summer dress weather! Happy half birthday!!

Sally said...

OMG! Today is my half birthday too, right my bdays Aug. 22? That is so cool, barely anyone has my same birthday. Happy half birthday,birthday twin! I also love all those dresses.

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love all of those dresses!

kLl said...

I bought the one with the green skirt and blue&white stripped top (i think the little sparkler). It is SO cute and SO comfy. I highly encourage you to buy it.

Amanda said...

these dresses are so cute! it makes me want to summer to hurry up and get here!

Fashion Nicotine said...


Nice looks!!

Pink Champagne said...

Just saw you won the Huephoria giveaway! Congrats lovely!