Saturday, February 6, 2010

diet coke, kappa kappa gamma and giveaways!

soo, the stress from my board last night (details to come, i know you're waiting on pins and needles) and my poor stress management skills means that i weighed in this morning at 143.4  ... oops.  i have to get back on the wagon - we're pulling in to port soon so it means i won't get to wear my super trendy romper (aka mechanic-style coveralls) anymore and i'm going to have to fit back into my Sevens! 
  annd about my board...well, neither of us passed.  we have to do a half dozen 'look ups' and then report back to the Commanding Officer, and then we get our pins.  good news? we should be pinned by tomorrow, and i only know 1 person that didn't have to do look ups before he got his pin.  so, kind of yay?  i can't decide if i deserve the reward dress quite yet...i'm thinking that i may have to hold off and see if i like something when we pull into port as opposed to rewarding myself just yet.

and finally, bummer of all bummers, i have had a horrible revelation.  i'm ADDICTED to caffeine.  addicted!!!  i had the WORST headache this morning and i tried everything - a nap, bottles of water, a zone bar, music, no music, laying in the dark, wasn't until i gave up and decided to face the day, drinking a diet coke, that my headache disappeared!! i guess there are worse things to be addicted to?

finally, thanks to Eileen, my first international stella + dot customer!  i'm so amazed at how much support i've gotten from the blogging community about my Save the Children Haiti Relief Fund fundraising efforts - y'all are so supportive!  feel free to send your bfs and hubbys over - we'll take good care of them and donate 20% of net profits to Save the Children.
happy valentine's day, y'all...i think i'm going to figure out a way to tuck the Uma flower into my uniform to celebrate the big day!

i am seriously counting down the days till we get home - LESS THAN SIXTY - because i can't wait to see everyone again.   i got another group facebook message from some college friends about celebrating a birthday, and i realized that none of us have started to do that group getting married thing...i hear that everyone starts getting married at once and i'll end up going to millions of weddings a year!  fortunately i was a
kappa kappa gamma 
so i know all of the weddings will be beautiful!

now, to work out, so i hopefully fit into my jeans (although i'd better fit into them given they were the pair i wore onboard back in my 158 days!)

lastly, check out these fab giveaways:
Decal Monogram's Easter Giveaway

okay, so remember my recent rachel pally jersey knit obsession?? (see the dresses in the last couple of posts) ...i was thinking to myself, why have i not become a devoted rachel pally fan? so i started googling, shopping, etc...and this is what shopbop had to offer in the way of rachel pally:
oh. my. g.
that's all i have to say.  rachel pally, you are hit or miss.


Ali said...

I was a Chi O :) I hear the same thing- once wedding season starts it just doesn't stop! I'm the first to be getting married, and I'm going to have my b-maids wear their pins as well as sing Shades (the song we sang for everything!) at the wedding.

I preffed KKG- loved that house!

Good luck with your boards :) D and I find out Thursday if we're moving to SD!

Ambs said...

I was a Phi Mu and sorority weddings are definitely the best kinds! It's like one big, fancy mixer :o)

Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love that watch too, and it's only $24 at Target!

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Love this post and your blog--Im following!

Southern Cinderella said...

I am also a Diet Coke-aholic! I get migraine's too if I don't have one everyday!

Dani said...

Found your blog through Becca at Lovely Yellow Ribbons ... wanted to say congrats on the board and hope all your lookups go well with your CO. I'm also a SWO :)