Friday, August 7, 2009

when i grow up..

when i get back from deployment i will probably, inevitably, (hopefully, according to my parents) have to grow up a little and settle down. i've been in limbo ever since breaking up with C - 6 months in a new apt, and then when that lease expired i moved in with my best friend B at her home by the beach. after 7 months of deployment and no rent, i'll hopefully have a little somethin-somethin saved up for a down payment...and thus, today's list of things i'd buy if i didn't spend 3/4 of my paycheck on bills: HOME ACCESSORIES!

look at the colors you can accent this furniture in - shades like: bermuda, hibiscus, sunset, flamingo, seabrook red, camellia, jampalaya, fuzzy beach, gumbo, oyster roast, seabrook yellow, sun porch, victorian white, seabrook green, veranda, margarita, sea mist, lime zinger, mint julep, island blue, st. croix, key lime, sailing, beach, bayside, coastal, regatta...the list goes on and on. doesn't it make you want to order a million pieces of complementary furniture and have a palm beach style-color explosion?? all of it can be found at Mermaid Hut.
and now, i tell you my story with pictures...unfortunately i loaded them in the wrong order so this story may be a bit convuluted. please close your eyes and visualize as you read (i have no clue how you'd do both at once...maybe close one eye? squint?)

you step out from behind your beautiful bendy-flexy shutter thing dressed in your supercute outfit of the day.
this supercute outfit is only complete with a tibbon that you pull from one of the jars you have on the shelves in your gorgeous hutch, so you grab one to match said outfit.
then you take your keys from a dish on the side table next to the couch that you finally finished paying off (FINALLY. finally. finally. stupid couch).

and smile over at the photos you have lining the shelves of your absolutely adorable tonal bookshelf with plantation shutters, admiring how cute you and your boyfriend(/fiance/husband/children...) look in the photos you have taken every easter(/other brightly colored holiday that is unfortunately not christmas because red and green doesn't go with your color and green, yes).
you remind yourself once again that you absolutely have have have to get a cute candle or something to dress up your adorable plantation shuttered *other* end table...

maybe something like the adorable (whatever it is) you have on top of your gorgeous coffee table.

sitting on your awesome bench, you slip on your gorgeous strappy heels, and head off to delight everyone else in town with your FREAKING AWESOMENESS.
oh ya, during this adventure you also stopped to relax on the gorgeous, downfilled, super soft couch that you are SO HAPPY YOU'RE DONE PAYING FOR! [Z Gallerie, Palisades Sofa]
and btw, here is the theme picture for my birthday bar crawl invite...even if i'm the only one dressed up i know that i will be pleased :)

lest you think i'm leaving you with too classy of an adventure, here is my planned coverup for ITAP since i am currently the size of a pregnant cow. (or just a regular cow. i'll probably be the size of a pregnant cow once I actually get pregnant). tres chic, non?


jean hsu said...

hi-ho sailor! i am not actually friends with mindy ephron (actually mindy kaling) - she is the girl that is on THE OFFICE, which is one of my fav tv shows and she reminds me a lot of myself..i started my blog after reading hers because its super fun and she just talks she would in real life. love the beachy furniture you picked out!!!! wish i lived on the beach......when i finally do, i will def consult you for decorating tips!

Jessica said...

Cute stuff!
I love it :)t