Thursday, August 6, 2009

dream a dream

jean over at Essential Luxuries guessed that i was in the army, and just for clarification's sake, i'm actually in the navy.

on to slightly more pressing matters: you know when you have one of those dreams and you realize you can relate it to every single thing that's on your mind? i dreamed that i was idly floating about in mission bay when a huge tsunami swamped us, drowning bazillions of people. my coworker john and i (who was my brother in the dream) managed to escape and fled to the northern states to avoid the water, accidentally stealing the regional MWR representative's golf cart and parking sign in the process.
1) this weekend i will be at InnerTubeAPalooza in Mission Bay. The idea behind ITAP (which I think i'm the only one abbreviating but i doubt that many people are blogging about it so i'm fairly safe)? San Diego eliminated drinking on the beach a couple years ago (I think this will be the third summer) and while it has made the beaches more family friendly, it's made them a lot less fun. the days of burying a keg in the sand and saying your ID 'wouldn't fit in your swimsuit' are unfortunately gone. Hence ITAP. Evidently once you get 8 (feet? yards?) into the water, you're allowed to drink again. While this was probably started for the boaters on the Bay, the ingenious men of SD have organized a huge event where everyone shows up with their own personal innertube, or, if you travel in style, a floating island. we're obviously going island-style so we will be able to see the MARIACHI BAND ON A PONTOON BOAT that arrives around 2.
- point being, does anyone else see the danger in a million (cough, couple hundred, cough) drunk people being ROPED TOGETHER?
2) i don't know why john was in my dream except that we've been working together a ton and i do think that if anyone was going to successfully escape from a tidal wave it would be john. unfortunately he doesn't drink much so the tidal wave would've had to happen fairly early in the day for us to survive. i digress...
3) yesterday i was driving home and there were people at the stoplight in a golf cart. i noticed the hot guy first, then the golf cart...then i thought about how annoying it would be to be stuck behind them. typical hot guy move.
4) and finally mwr is my biggest collateral duty so it RULES MY LIFE...but what is more fun then focusing on morale, welfare and recreation?

also this guitar playing girl is very talented - i wonder if we'll see her on american idol once she's old enough?


Carrie said...

sounds like you'll be having tons of fun! long as you don't have a record of having prophetic dreams, anyhow. ;) lol.

Carrie said...

ps. you're right, the girl is really good! :)